Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Stylish interior, where not only two things happened - the design of windows and the door to the closet -


Minimalism and coziness, a lot of wood and fine calculation, a drop of irony and attention to the feelings of children - that's what this interior is about

This time in the company of our permanent expertarchitect, we decided to discuss an apartment from the Polish city of Poznan. The interior, designed by the efforts of the Lina Architekci studio, attracted us with unusual design solutions, implemented with seemingly completely elementary techniques. However, as it turned out, we were looking in the wrong direction. Our expert will tell you everything in order.

- Stylish space, mostlycompetently worked out. Cabinets from floor to ceiling, panels without skirting. The two primary colors are a natural shade of wood and pure, white without impurities. Everything is very stylish, minimalistic. This is a plus. Related articles

I do not really like the rack near the bed inbedroom, and I did not understand the textile solution at all. Bedspread with nothing is not combined. The brown curtain is dense, textured, there is a mass in it. But the tulle is again out of place. I admit that the customer took the decision here. The idea with a niche under the TV in the bedroom is excellent. In the living room everything is good, except for the window. Perfectly fitted white panels with wooden edging. Very good floor, sofa area is small, but cozy. But I do not like blinds at all. I do not know how I would have done it. But this option, again in my opinion, is a mistake.

Another omission is the sliding door at the stairs. The width was not calculated, and the doors run into the junction. In my opinion, it would be more logical to mount the guide in the ceiling, but the business is master.

In general, everything is very balanced: hot and cold, white and black, minimalism and dynamics. The kitchen is really cool. But here are the blinds ... This decision embarrasses me. But the radiator, from the side resembling a panel and lyrics of Erika Badu - a shot at the target. Related articles Pleased with the dining area.The chairs are completely different, but well chosen. The chalk wall is a great way to keep the kids busy during meals. A very wise move, by the way, is not to send the children into the room, but to keep them occupied and allow them to be part of the company.