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Stylish living room: layout and interior elements


A room where the whole active part of life passes -And rest with the family, and the reception of guests - simply must be stylish. Not enough ideas? We have 25 inspiring examples and secrets of arrangement from design professionals. This is the room that should impress - not only for you, but also for guests with different tastes and ideas about the beautiful. Did you know that sensations can be controlled by simple techniques of thoughtful design? We tell how.

Have a sofa with the mind

Usually the sofa is the largest item in the room, andthis makes him the protagonist of your living room. Its optimal position is “facing” the entrance, it is as comfortable as possible for a person. If the sofa is still located with its back to the door, compensate for this by placing a coffee table behind it. By doing this, you will create a more welcoming atmosphere. Our opinion: There are many important points to consider when placing furniture, but first of all, make sure that the furniture does not obstruct light sources and allows you to move around the room calmly.

The magic of the carpet

An attractive and practical rug determineswhat is yours for. If you are planning crowded parties, choose a durable mat. A small rug can visually highlight the area where you intend to eat, for example. And for relaxed and cozy gatherings, a soft, long-pile carpet is suitable - throw decorative pillows over it and relax in a bohemian style. Tina Gurevich, interior designer - In the living room, I advise you to provide several zones for comfortable communication "according to your interests" when guests come. For example, two armchairs by a real or stylized fireplace and a corner sofa with a table.

Soft light

The key word in the feeling that you needCause guests to relax - softness. Lush pillows and blankets - one reception. The other is soft diffused lighting. Instead of one big chandelier, use a combination of light sources on walls, ceiling and floor.

Identify the center of attention

The eye must rest in the living room., interesting paintings or an exhibition of your favorite souvenirs - make the center of interest of your guests what you are proud of. Inga Azhgirey, interior designer - No matter how cool it is, there should be one noticeable designer chandelier. In other areas, there may be rail lamps, thin suspensions, an excellent floor lamp, but several ceiling accents are permissible only with an enfilade layout of the living room.

Do not overdo it with trifles

Designers have a "melon rule" - decor in sizeless than this wonderful fruit, it can quickly create a sense of clutter. The main details should be big, and the little things should be complementary. Our opinion: Don't let the little things - figurines, photo frames, candles, vases - spread over all surfaces. Group the decor that is important to you, it is best if there are no more than three elements in the groups. And define its place for each item - this will make cleaning easier and faster.