Interior of a two-room apartment

Stylish Parisian apartment interior from LEAinvent, France

The Parisian apartment may be the dream of manythe interior of which will always remind of its location in the center of fashion and elegance. In our minds, Paris is the smell of morning freshness and the chirping of birds in a cozy courtyard, which persistently awaken from sleep, preparing for a meeting with a new, eventful day.

Apartment for a fashion designer

Not so long ago in an apartment of 100 square meters. meters passed repair. The interior was changing in accordance with the requests of the owner, the Parisian couturier and the collector of African art. According to the plan, there will have to be informal events with the participation of representatives of the fashion industry and the creative bohemia of Paris. It was important to create two different zones: a public one, when the living room, a kitchen and an additional toilet were to enter, and a private one in the hostess’s bedroom, dressing room, guest rooms and two bathrooms. The updated interior has lost interior partitions, becoming more spacious and open. The entrance area clearly delineates the functional parts of the apartment, providing comfort to numerous visitors.

Compact kitchen in the spacious lobby

One of the key requirements of the customer wascreating a completely inconspicuous kitchen, since she herself rarely cooks at home. As a result, the kitchen was combined with a hallway, where guests get, barely crossed the threshold of the apartment.

Mirrors and marble

But visitors are amazed not so much by the kitchen asidyllic composition, consisting of objects with a comfortable, smooth texture. The soft light envelops the marble monolith of the island, is reflected in the mirror wall, behind which the guest toilet is hidden, and emphasizes the built-in furniture of a muted gray tint.

Eastern aesthetics

The walls of the guest toilet are tiledIznik ceramics. She literally fills the interior with her dynamic ornament with floral motifs. When the sliding door is open, the outlandish pattern reflected in the mirrors intrigues and excites curiosity.

Space and light

As with most Parisian houses, the layoutthe apartment provides two quiet courtyards, protecting residents from the noise of the streets. The new design provides each room with a panoramic view of the courtyard from the window, filling the interior with natural light and fresh air. During the repair, they dismantled a number of walls and accidentally damaged the parquet. Therefore, a dark oak coating with a chevron pattern was replaced with wide panels of light Oregon pine. The position of the boards, together with the ceiling lighting, sets the direction of movement from the hallway to the living room.

Personal chambers

Materials for the bedroom and individual areadiffer from those involved in the design of public spaces. Since this is a secluded private area, the designers decided to hide it as deep as possible in the depths of the apartment. The massive door in the entire height of the wall additionally demarcates the zone, protecting it from unwanted invasions. In the dressing room there are oak cabinets up to the ceiling with acrylic handles. The style and personality of personal bathrooms underlines their laconic decoration. In one - white matte tile with mirrors creates a feeling of purity. In the second - shine and radiance radiates a light glossy tile, lined with black seams. The task of redevelopment was to create smoothtransitions between zones through the competent use of materials. Now the apartment has a lot of light and space, so necessary for the customer who has seen the world. Here she will be able to demonstrate her collections and relax after noisy events in her secluded bedroom. Romantic city can not endow theirthe inhabitants of the subtle taste, which is manifested in everything, whatever they were created. Maybe because this stylish, modern apartment in the style of minimalism conquers in its spacious and bright way? Tell us if you like the interior of this apartment?