With your own hands

A stylish mirror that even a child can make. Master Class


We love original DIY projects,which do not require serious time and money. And today we offer you another interesting master class on creating a stylish and inexpensive hanging mirror. The Indian summer has already passed, which means that you no longer have to rely on warm sunny days. But do not be upset that now you have to spend more time at home. After all, while away the long autumn evenings you can usefully, for example, for the interior. Seeing this original pendant mirror on your computer screen, you never know what it is made of. But since we have no secrets from our readers, we will tell you not only from what, but also how to make such a decorative accessory with your own hands. So, you will need:

  • a round cardboard base with a bead about 30 centimeters in diameter (this may be a box cover for a hat or any other box of round shape);
  • round mirror of the same diameter;
  • a wide strip of leather or a leather belt (the width should be commensurate with the height of the cardboard edge);
  • paint in the tone of the skin;
  • hole puncher;
  • drill;
  • screws and nuts;
  • Super glue.

Paint the cardboard edge in a color that is as close as possible to the color of the leather strap that you will use as a suspension. Punch two holes in the cardboard border, friendopposite the friend. Try on a leather strap and cut it to the length you need. Mark at its ends points for fastening and drill holes in them. Set aside. Take the mirror and use superglue to fix it inside the cardboard base. When the glue dries, use screws and nuts to screw the handle to the cardboard edge on both sides. Agree:simple, fast and, importantly, much cheaper than it would cost to buy a similar product in a store. And besides, do not forget about the originality of this hanging mirror: it is these exclusive accessories that are guaranteed to become the highlight of the interior. sugarandcloth.com