Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Stylish white apartment with a black kitchen and a red carpet with an area of ​​94 square meters for a young girl at 94 meters

Today we want to present you an apartment that is both elegant and strict, and not devoid of bright elements. 94 meters, which will please the fans of contrasts

The landlady is cheerful, successful and full offresh ideas. At the first conversation with the designer, she said that she wanted to make an apartment for herself. She likes combinations of contrasting colors and cool shades, in particular black, white and gray. According to the layout, the only desire was to preserve the spaciousness of the apartment, but not to the detriment of the functional areas. Olesya Maznaya perfectly coped with all the tasks. Olesya Maznaya, designer: - I started my career as a designer after graduating from the Moscow Institute of Architecture, founding the studio Olesya Maznaya Interiors. For several years now I have been creating residential and public spaces in various styles: modern, classic, provence, art deco, minimalism, hi-tech, ethnic, country, eclectic and loft. It is important for me that the interior is individually tailored for each client, reflecting the characteristics, needs and lifestyle of the owner. I try to create an atmosphere in which everyone will be comfortable and pleasant to be.

Initially, the apartment was without partitions, but withbindings to bathrooms, kitchen, residential and non-residential areas. This was the starting point, when the redevelopment was just beginning. As a result, an open space was obtained, which is divided into two parts by a mirror partition Bilico bidirezionsle from Longhi. One zone is a guest area, and the other is a host.

For visual preservation of the kitchen spacecombined with the living room. The whole kitchen is made in black, and its surface is glossy. Laconious furniture emphasizes strict lines and lack of accessories.

  • Kitchen - Unika, brand Effeti.
  • Household appliances - Neff, Miele, Kuppersbusch, Liebherr.

Dining area with white elegant chairs is beneficialcontrasts with black cuisine. A glass transparent table on a chrome massive foot looks both easy and monumental. The elongated, thin cones of lamps hung imperceptibly directly above the table.

  • Dining table and chairs - Cattelan Italia.

In the center of the room is a large sofa band Minotti. In the space and asked for bright accents. They are the red silk carpet Dynasty Silk and pillows brand EBRU.

In the interior correctly arranged black elementsfurniture. They absolutely do not burden the living room and do not attract special attention. Dynamics and shape of space are given by plasterboard structures, which set the character of the whole room.

  • Library and TV furniture in the living room - Abacus, Rimagesio.

Particular attention deserves coverage. In the kitchen, these are point lights in the ceiling and work area lighting. Along the living room stretched strips of LED tape, which sometimes descend and on the walls, emphasizing the geometry of space.

Entering the bedroom, you can immediately notice that the totalThe concept of the apartment has remained the same, but some elements have changed. In the master bedroom a feeling of comfort and warmth was created, because this is a place for rest and sleep. Take at least a classic chair with carved legs and back. Nearby, in the next corner, was a floor-standing white lamp in high-tech style. Two of these different in style interior items perfectly match with each other.

  • Bed - Cattelan Italia.
  • Fabrics curtains, bedspreads, pillows, blankets - De Le Cuona, Andrew Martin.

Violet muted shades in the textile create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere, and the relief wallpaper behind the headboard complements the interior of the room.