Super doors in the interior: 20 cool examples


A house without doors is unthinkable, but here they are- inconspicuous and modest or the center of attention - it's up to you. Have you ever seen examples of interiors with doors that are remembered? Read our article and take ideas for a note Usually the door tries to fit into the interior and make it invisible, choosing the color of furniture, floor, walls. But we will talk with you about those wonderful doors that can not be missed. They not only perform their direct function, protecting the privacy of the owners, but also pleasing the eye.


like a ray of sunshine, animates a discreet interior inneutral tones. But the only thing that makes these doors unique is the trick - a narrow part, visible only when someone enters the room, painted in an even more active shade, red. Like the bright lining of a strict coat, this technique is intriguing and worth it to remember it.


A cool and bold idea for the interior - thisBarn door in an entirely new context. It looks great, both in the interior in the country style, and in a minimalistically decorated room. In addition, it conveniently moves aside, without taking up unnecessary space. And you can look at the old tree indefinitely.


Use the door leaf as a canvas. Draw a picture or "play" with fonts, like a real designer, writing a message to the world. And the door can be covered with paint, designed for drawing crayons, and turn into a place for notes in the kitchen or in the zone of self-expression in the nursery.

Stained Glass

Colored glass in the interior recalls the beautystained glass. Such a door does not have to cost like a cathedral. If you have creative inclinations - special stained-glass paints can be bought in any store with accessories for artists. Another option is a multi-colored transparent glue film. It is absolutely amazing to look at such doors with plant motifs in a room decorated in the Art Deco style.


Tired of the door, but do not plan to change it?There are many simple ways to decorate. You can use strips of multi-colored paper and fabric tape washi tape, paints and stencils, markers. In most cases, the result is pleasing, moreover, the procedure can be repeated if necessary - you are not doing anything irreversible.

Custom shape

It is difficult to find words to describe these doors. Something similar for sure could be found in the palaces of fairy fairies - a doorway reminding a crack in the rock framed by branches, and a sliding door from a cut of a tree of irregular shape. The choice of unusual people living in amazing homes.


Think of the detectives - behind the bookshelves insecret passages were always hidden in the library, it was worth pressing the right lever, and you found yourself in a dungeon or a villain's refuge. In your case, there may be a staircase, a pantry, or just another room behind the books. Even if you have nothing to hide, a door that additionally acts as a great and practical idea.

Those who received a second life

If the service life of the doors is finished, they can stillyou serve and again become the center of attention. There are many options for using the door leaf - for example, as a reliable head of the bed. A particularly good idea for a homemade coffee or dinner table is to cover the old door with glass, emphasizing its vintage texture. Giving things a second life - a cool design move.