With your own hands

Table lamp by own hands: original ideas of Jack Daniel's

After the New Year, there are cheerfulmemories and empty bottles. We have found an original way to prolong the feeling of the holiday. A master class on turning an empty bottle of a well-known brand into a stylish lamp - in our article Have you ever wondered that such a banal and seemingly useless thing, like an empty bottle of a good, expensive drink, is a designer item? In fact, it is so. Famous brands spend a lot of money on packaging for their product. Whole teams of professionals are working on the creation of bottle shapes, labels, logos. So don't you regret throwing the fruits of your design activity in the bin? Isn't it better to make them part of a decorative interior composition? Today, using the example of a bottle of the famous brand Jack Daniel's, we will teach you how to turn an empty container into an original lamp. So, to create an original lamp in the style of Jack Daniel's you will need:

  • funny company;
  • Jack Daniel's bottle of whiskey, which should be emptied in a merry company;
  • drill;
  • drill for glass;
  • a set for assembling a table lamp (on Amazon and eBay you can find a special kit for bottle lamps - Bottle Lamp Kit) or an old unnecessary lamp;
  • a light bulb;
  • shade;
  • pebbles, beads or coffee beans for decoration.

Empty and rinse the bottle. Using a drill and a glass drill, carefully drill a hole for the wire at the bottom of the back wall. To avoid splitting, the drilling site can be pre-glued with a transparent adhesive tape. Rinse the bottle again to remove any glass dust or small fragments of glass that could remain in it. Thread the wire through the bottle: insert it into the drilled hole and pull it out through the neck. Then fill the bottle with decorative elements (in our case these are balls of unbreakable glass, brown and beige). Assemble the cartridge in accordance with the instructions supplied with the table lamp kit. Insert the bulb into the socket. Put on the lampshade. Plug the lamp into an outlet and enjoy! pinkandpro.com