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Make the house more comfortable: 20 warm interiors with fireplaces -


If you increasingly began to think about the possibilityInstallation of the fireplace, welcome. This warming selection will not leave indifferent any person with a pulse. We have collected photos of interiors with fireplaces in different styles for every taste. We do not like autumn because of habit: rain, cooling, end of holidays and the falling asleep nature of optimism do not add. However, there is this offseason and pluses - from now on you can wrap yourself in plaids, sitting on the windowsill, all day to drink hot chocolate and ... kindle a fireplace. If you have one, of course. Well, if not, our today's selection will certainly inspire you to change the interior or at least cheer up.

The most logical way to orient all the furniture of the living room towards the fireplace, and not to the TV, which, by the way, is generally better not to keep in the house.

The best "neighbor" for the fireplace is natural wood.

Why is the fireplace - it's great? He recalls the approach of the most important holiday!

Under the crackle of open fire is equally pleasant both to sleep and to read.

Open fireplace in the kitchen - what could be better?

A real dacha is always with a fireplace!

Minimalism is not a hindrance.

Fireplace on biofuel - also an option, especially if it is a city apartment. Natural stone, fire, wood, leather and metal - what is it called? That's right, oriental minimalism.

Mysticism is now in vogue, but even a Gothic castle without a fireplace in any way.

Open fire only emphasizes the harmony of right eclecticism.

Loft - it's great, loft with fireplace - luxurious!

The cabinet of a creative person in a country house without a fireplace is unthinkable.

A competent illumination of the interior with a fireplace - just on hand.

A fluffy carpet, fur cushions and fire ... Why else go somewhere in the evening? Stay home!

How to fit in the fashionable fashionable gold now? Add to it an open fire!

And even peering into the flames can lose time. Careful!

Are you afraid to make a mistake with the composition of the interior? Make it symmetrical, the fireplace should be in the center, of course.

Fireplace without fire - it's weird. Light at least candles!

Gray color, wood and open fire are created for each other.