Calculation of apartment tax in 2020

We found out who will pay 5 million rubles inAs an apartment tax after 2020, and who will be counted 20 times more. Very soon, each owner of the housing will receive an updated tax notice. We thoroughly understood this issue and found that now the tax on the apartment can reach a sum of several million rubles. Since 2015, the taxable base has been recognizedCadastral value of real estate. Before, the tax on the apartment was calculated from the inventory value, which in rare cases did not reach half the market value of the apartment itself, so we paid, it is possible to say, symbolic amounts - 100-2 000 rubles per year. The inventory value of the apartments of the old housing stock on average in Russia was up to 500,000 rubles, so the amount of the property tax did not cause dissatisfied questions among the population. But in 2014, the government adoptedDecision to calculate property tax based on the cadastral value of the property. Cadastral value is a value that is close to market value. The regions began active work on the definition of the cadastre, and there was much hurry: since 2015, the tax had to be calculated according to the new system. Because of the haste, some properties were overvalued, and their cadastral value exceeded the market value. The estimate was made in 2014, and in 2015, due to changes in the value of domestic currency, the real estate market "sagged" and prices fell - this was not taken into account by appraisers. It is planned that every two years the cadastralThe cost will be updated, also determined that the cadastral value should be less than the market value by 10-20%. The state provides an opportunity to challenge the cadastral value - for this it will be necessary to call an appraiser, to submit its report for examination to the SRO and then go to court. We figured out how much the appraiser's services would cost

  • The examination of the appraisal report of the apartment costs an average of 10,000 rubles.
  • Examination of the assessment report of the house with a total area of ​​up to 300 square meters. Meters reaches 45,000 rubles.
  • Examination of the report evaluating the land plot starts from 200,000 rubles.

But apart from these papers it will be necessary to payState duty for going to court and hire a lawyer who will conduct the proceedings. Prices of services of lawyers start from 50 000 rubles. And with such expenses there is no guarantee that the decision will be in your favor, but even if you admit that the court will agree and make a determination about the overestimated cadastral value, you need to remember that every two years it will be updated. What property tax will be in 2020?

  • 0.1% of the cadastral value of objects not exceeding 10 million rubles.
  • 0.15% of the cadastral value of the objects from 10 to 20 million rubles.
  • 0,2% for objects with a cadastral value of 20 to 50 million rubles.
  • 0.3% if the cadastral value is from 50 to 300 million rubles.
  • 2% of the cadastral value of the objects is more than 300 million rubles.
  • 2% of the cadastral value of non-residential premises (commercial spaces and apartments).

Interesting mathematics. Let's count. The apartment has an area of ​​50 meters estimated at a cadastral value of 9,999,999 rubles. The tax rate for such an apartment is 0.1%. The tax on a residential apartment provides for a "deduction" of 20 meters - this area is not taxed. First you need to calculate the cost per square meter of the apartment according to the cadastral value. In our case, it turned out that one meter costs 199,999 rubles. This amount we multiply by 20, it turns out 3 999 999, which need to be subtracted from the cadastral value. As a result, the amount for calculating the tax is 6,000,000 rubles, which we divide by 0.1 - and it turns out that the annual tax on an apartment cadastral value of 9,999,999 rubles will be 6,000 rubles. And if you have apartments? Apartments with an area of ​​100 meters are estimated by the cadastre at 10 million rubles. We subtract 2% from this amount and go to pay a tax of 200,000 rubles. The minus for 20 meters concerns only apartment apartments, therefore there are no tax breaks at owners of apartments. And if you live in Granatny Lane? A dream come true - you live in a 300-meter penthouse in Granatny Pereulok. By cadastral value, your possession is estimated at 300,000,000 rubles (which is not the limit for Moscow). It turns out that the tax will be 2%. We make a tax deduction because the penthouse is a dwelling. Each meter is estimated at 1 000 000 rubles, we deduct 20 000 000 and it turns out 280 000 000, of which we calculate 2% and rush to pay a property tax which is 5 600 000 rubles. And so on growing each year, as the market value of real estate gradually increases, and the cadastral value follows it.