The style of high-tech in the interior of the living room: a general characteristic


The style of high-tech in the interior is quite common in recent times due to its versatility. Particularly good is the living room in this style. Living room in high-tech styleInitially, the high-tech style was used in architecture, as a space with a popular scientific orientation, but eventually passed into the interiors.

General characteristic of the high-tech style in the interior of the living room

This style is the newest among the alreadyavailable. It began to spread in the late XX century. Its essence consists in the use of popular science literature and film productions, space themes and the use of ultramodern materials. First, the term "high-tech" was used only in relation to architectural structures of space orientation, and only then these ideas found their application in the interior. The main features of the high-tech style in the living room: The main features of the hi-tech style are straight lines, cool colors, lots of metal, plastic and glass, lots of modern technology and light design.

  • Cold and light tonalities;
  • straight angles and lines;
  • use as basic materials of metal, glass and plastic;
  • lack of plant motifs and ornaments;
  • rationality and minimalism;
  • presence of flowers with a metallic reflection;
  • modern technology;
  • hidden hangers, light design and all kinds of lighting.

It is inappropriate to use in the interior in high-tech style a large number of napkins and pillows for a sofa, drapery, luxury and stucco elements. Back to contents</a>

High-tech style in the living room and functionality

Hi-tech in the interior should consist of maximally simplified forms. The main components are:

  • lighting;
  • metallic reflection.

The basic colors of the high-tech style are white, black,gray, but you can add bright, glossy accents of red, green, orange. High-tech style does not recognize all sorts of small decorative elements. The details should be simple and functional, to be distinguished by attractive and precise forms. The design is chosen textured and stylish. Some designers believe that the style of high-tech is not feasible in the living room, since this room should carry a pragmatism and a spirit at home at a time. However, in the presence of imagination, endurance and a peculiar look at the decor, it is quite possible to do this. For example, replacing large and heavy cabinets with light racks with hidden and open niches. An excellent solution will be the use of weightless pencil cases, which are decorated with textured glass or mirrors. This allows you to adhere to the main law of high-tech style in the interior: the room should be through. Lightness in the interior is introduced by diluting heavy metal elements with textile ones. For example, air curtains or a dense veil perfectly distinguish the style of high-tech and give the room a cosiness. It is best to stay on a natural fabric. When choosing furniture, make sure that the glass and metal are in harmony with the decorated fabrics. The main colors of this style are cold gray and white. But you can also make accent bright shades with metallic gloss:

  • green;
  • black;
  • red;
  • orange.

The floor covering of the living room is chosen smooth and glossy. Can choose: Furniture in the style of hi-tech rectilinear, clear shapes, made of wood, glass and metal.

  • parquet board;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • linoleum;
  • glossy laminate.

It is better not to use a matte board, parquet orcarpet. Not the best way will look wallpaper in a box, a strip or with an ornament. For walls, non-woven monophonic wallpaper is chosen. Or they can be painted with glossy or matte paint. Since high-tech in some way intersects with the urban style, it will harmoniously look the facing of the walls with a large stone, brick or plaster. Sometimes you can use wall glossy metal and mirror panels made of polystyrene. The ceiling of the living room can be:

  • rack metalized;
  • tension glossy;
  • hanging with complex designs of original shapes and a lot of built-in lamps.

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Decor and light in high-tech style

Light in the style of a lot, it's point lighting, andlocal and local and many hidden highlights. High-tech style implies the use of lighting in the form of spotlights. In addition, the light flux is used as a distribution to the zones of the room. For this purpose, string lights are used. Embedding them from below makes the situation intimate. Style high-tech in the living room, even in upholstered furniture, implies the presence of gloss. Brilliant light skin will perfectly look with a coffee table made of glass with chrome parts. Regarding the paintings, it can be noted that it will be appropriate to have black-and-white photos or urban images that are placed in frames made of plastic or metal. Style hi-tech other scenery does not imply. But floor lamps can be used. Appearing in a shiny surface, the light will fill the room. Back to contents</a>

Furniture in the interior of high-tech in the living room

Upholstered furniture should have strict forms with glossy leather and fabric monophonic upholstery. The wall is usually small in shape with a smooth glossy facade. The following types of furniture can also be present:

  • coffee table;
  • rack;
  • shelves;
  • nightstands.

Furniture package may includeglass and chrome components. You can bring a zest to the high-tech style in the form of a curbstone or a plastic chair of the original shape. Often in a small living room, large mirrors are installed, visually making the room larger. Or combine the living room, study and kitchen. In this case, such a space is divided into zones with glass partitions, which emphasize the style without disturbing the functionality and design. These are the basic design rules. Such a room is suitable for modern people who keep up with the times!