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Size test: what bedroom is needed for you

It would seem, what surprises can be expected fromThe interior of such a standard room as a bedroom. However, practice and experience break all standards. And before you start fantasizing about the dream bedroom, you need to decide on the main thing ... It would seem what you can expect from the bedroom: a bed, a closet, a window - that's what most of us come to mind when we mention this room. However, our needs with you more often go beyond the usual framework. And here the main thing is to understand how to get the necessary from the future bedroom and even "on the beach" to make a difficult decision: small or large will be the most personal of all spaces in your home.

You need a big bedroom if ...

... you plan to equip the dressing room. Things also need square meters - bars for suits and dresses, shelves for hats, organizer for belts and bags, a wardrobe for shoes. Do not forget about the corner with the big mirror for fitting. Quite possibly, you will also need a dressing table with an armchair. ... you live in a large family. Children are, of course, happiness, but to sit in peace and quiet with friends, too, sometimes you want, and if it is possible only in the bedroom, if you do not want, you will have to equip the living area, and she needs a place. ... you are going to create a work area. To rest and work in the same room is a very bad idea. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to choose a really big room for the bedroom cabinet, divide it with a new partition. It will be a rack or plasterboard wall - you decide, but the size of the bedroom in any case must match the maneuvers.

You need a small bedroom if ...

... do you plan to use this roomSolely for sleeping. The open empty space in Russia is traditionally filled with trash. Therefore, the bedroom in which only sleep, should be minimalistic, cozy, well ventilated and small. ... you do not mind sleeping under the ceiling. In a room with sufficiently high ceilings, the bed can be raised above the workplace or make a full-fledged second floor with a ladder, which the practical owner necessarily converts into an additional storage system. The liberated place can be used though as a gym, even for storing bicycles. ... you like to read in bed. Psychologists do not recommend to equip a library in the bedroom, but if you can not fall asleep without a book and do not want to read while sitting in a chair or on the sofa in the living room, think about built-in closets or niches. You in fact have for good reason liked to read in bed, from which it follows that you do not plan to wander around the room in search of a "book for mood". So shelves with treasured books should be located at arm's length, and a huge empty space will only collect dust and provoke absolutely unnecessary fantasies about what to fill the free space. And then suddenly you the idea of ​​a TV will come. Mito Melitonian, architect: - What interesting things can you tell about the bedrooms, without repeating what has already been said? I suggest first summarizing the well-known points on the functional. From my own experience I can say that the bedrooms with dark shades of the walls feel much more comfortable than with the light walls. Also coziness adds a combination of different textures, for example, wood and matte painted surface of the wall. Now the trend is rough surfaces and natural materials. In the bedroom, unlike other rooms, a dark ceiling is appropriate. The bedroom is a resting place, which is why it should pay special attention to the design. Remember what you wanted in your childhood, what you dreamed about, and implement it there. Other rooms always mean the presence of strangers. The most important feeling in the bedroom is a feeling of silence, peace and comfort. It can be achieved if you enclose one or more walls with a cloth. This is not very labor-intensive, but the effect of sound isolation from the surrounding world will be stunning. Fabrics in the bedroom are an integral part. Take, for example, curtains. Someone's sunshine in the morning in the bedroom is pleasant, but for someone it's more important to wake up in the dark. In any case, use natural materials: to pass the sun - flax, fabrics such as matting. The deaf are blackout. Personally, I try not to hang double curtains and the more I never use tulle. Mito Melitonian, architect: "If it was my will, I would generally forbid doing top lighting in the bedrooms - a poorly chosen lamp spoils the whole feeling of space." In any case, it is desirable that all lighting has the ability to adjust the brightness. The temperature of light should not be varied: choose either cold lighting, or warm. Use different local lighting. The general lighting can be of two types: direct light, when it falls directly on the plane of the floor, and reflected when the room is illuminated with light, which first hits the ceiling. In the first variant, all colors will look brighter and more juicy, in the second - the whole room will be in pastel colors and look dull. Mito Melitonian, architect: - In a recent article about children's rooms, I said that I do not recommend putting the desktop in the immediate vicinity of the bed. The same applies to bedrooms in principle. Combine the working area and the sleeping area is strictly not worth it. A bedroom contrary to desires does not necessarily have to be big. If we are talking about designing a new apartment, then I usually do not take to the bedroom more than 20-25 meters, although they are much more. The presence of a dressing room, separate from the bedroom- always an advantage. In general, a block of rooms bedroom-wardrobe-bathroom - this is a rule of good taste, and if the wardrobe is located between the bedroom and the bathroom - it is doubly magnificent, as it creates additional noise insulation. Mito Melitonian, architect: - The presence of a dressing room separate from the bedroom is always an advantage. The bookcases in the bedroom are just as out of place as the TV, but a book couch or an armchair with a small table is a great addition to the interior, especially since doctors do not recommend reading in bed. Mito Melitonian, architect: - If possible, try to free the bedroom from unnecessary details. Bed-transformers and other engineering refinements often occur not because there is no place, but because you nataschili too much trash. Therefore, first carry out an audit and get rid of unnecessary with a calm soul. You'll be surprised at how much free space in a seemingly tiny apartment. By the way, architects are the ones who get rid of everything unnecessary. Creating a completely new bedroom interior, I advise you not to take anything from the past into it. Have decided to change a bed - safely change together with a mattress and bed-clothes. Do not try to pick up the color of the walls to your favorite grandmother's curtains, start with the main thing - do not be afraid to change your life and to experiment.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,