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What and how to buy in flea markets in Europe: reportage from Italy -


Many have heard of the benefits of shopping and fabulousfinds on flea markets in Europe, but not all of us know how and where to look for the best markets for rarities and rarities. In our today's report we will tell you what exactly can be found in the markets, whether it is worth trusting the authenticity of items, as well as how these same markets work.Interior designer Zhenya Zhdanova visited many flea markets in Italy this year and told us everything about them. Zhenya Zhdanova, interior designer - Creates interiors, develops and produces his own line of furniture and home accessories. She is the owner of the boutique and is a member of ODI (Association of Interior Decorators). Mom of three children, blogger and traveler.

- Once a month, almost every self-respectingItalian town is held Mercato Antico, Mercadillo Antoquariato or Mercarino Antico - a flea market or an antiques market. Most often this happens on Sunday - the first, second, third or last month. In each town - its rules and nuances, so if you want to know exactly the day and time of the market, it is better to specify in advance the schedule.

Antique markets in the Italian province are striking to the heart with their sincere charm. Prices will be pleased with adequacy, and sellers - with affability, charm and tractability in the bargaining process.

On the day of the market, the main street or squareThe city turns into an incredibly lively place. As early as 5 in the morning, the machines of the sellers come here - trucks, pick-up trucks, trailers - tables are hastily arranged and all the old treasures are unpacked and carefully laid out in places. Approximately at 9 am, the first buyers appear. Here you will meet many tourists, but local people also like to stroll along the shopping arcades.

If tourists mainly pay attention toSmall in size and not heavy in weight items of art, interior or everyday life, which you can take with you, the local may well be interested in a set of six chairs, a beautiful buffet of the XVIII century or even an unbearable old cast-iron stove. To the very darkness there is a trade, and in the best traditions of the market. Buyers knock down the price, they say that it is too high, and sellers in Italian loud and emotionally tell the most incredible legends about their subjects, on the contrary, thus filling the price. Buyers leave, come back and in the end necessarily find a compromise with sellers. After the purchase, you can also give something more to remember, to kiss goodbye and parting will seem, rather, the parting of good old friends.

For large-scale furniture on the market usuallyThere is a separate place. Here, under the light mobile tents or even without them, depending on the weather, antique cupboards, chests of drawers, marble portals, beds, armchairs, chests, tables and chairs are exposed. Small items sellers lay out on mobile tables and right on the ground.

What treasures can be found here?

From an antique headboard made in the 16th century and brought from a Venetian palazzo, or a luxurious dressing table to silver dishes, small boxes and vintage jewelry.

It affects the choice of furniture and really oldInterior items. Here you can find incredible old doors, marble mantel portals, hand-made tiles, magnificent mirrors in gilded frames, armchairs, sofas, cupboards and cabinets, tables and chairs.

If you want a real old art, thenIt is worth paying attention to the work of unknown Italian artists in luxurious frames and sculptures made of marble. The choice of objects of decorative and applied art and furniture of various historical styles and periods is diverse: a variety of old frames, crystal chandeliers of the 18th and 19th centuries and lamps of the 50-60s-70s of the last century, bedside tables, tables and chests, painted in the second half of the 18th century Century, French consoles in the style of Louis XIV, dark carved furniture of the XV-XVI century in the Gothic style, as well as tapestries, tapestries and Persian carpets.

From time to time there are strange objects,Which are difficult to imagine in modern life, for example, a hairdresser's armchair of the 1930s, a dentist's chair, a slot machine, a bathing bath for a baby, or church supplies.

But thousands of small objects of everyday life -Limoges porcelain, Wedgewood porcelain, silver or silver plated tableware items, jugs, trays, sugar bowls, dishes and cutlery - will perfectly fit into any interior today.

If you want to surprise someone unusualGift, it is difficult to think of where you could find a more original thing. The telescope of the English naval factory with the inscription "1915", a retro radio receiver or gramophone with a stunning pipe can be an excellent gift for a man. A porcelain box from Limoges porcelain, a fabulous mirror with a handle, an elegant bronze candlestick with an angel or a table dummy for storing ornaments will please any woman.

Also here you can find items createdLocal craftsmen - letters from metal, painting, household items. For them, such a market is a great place to find new customers, and for buyers ?? - an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of local color.