How to expand the space in the apartment

Tips for rational organization of small space in the house

Every morning, cooking and getting ready for work, youDo not want to spend a lot of time looking for the right things. All that needs to be done is simply to competently organize the space in the house. This will be a pleasure not only for you, but also for the family, since chaos and confusion will disappear. We offer simple ideas that will free up more time. And believe me, in the morning you will have time to drink a cup of coffee!


The order on her most worried about a womansince she is the mistress of the house and the keeper of the hearth. But sometimes it is so hard to find the right items, and in the end, dinner was prepared at the wrong time. Take inventory in kitchen cabinets, discard all old food storage boxes. Consider installing a shelf, or drawer, as shown in the photo below. It contains knives, spices and other commonly used items. What do you keep in the closet ?! Many people think that they are designed to hide all unnecessary things. Not true! If everything is laid out on the shelves there, then it is not a shame to open it with guests. And the time to search for clothes and shoes will be spent less. If you have a large pantry or high pencil case, use storage boxes to sort and store things. They can be signed, and then you will see that there lies and will not need to get everyone and open. By the way, this technique is convenient to use for seasonal clothing.

Organization as a decor

Space optimization may look like part of the interior. In the hallway under the stairs make a rack. There, guests can leave their jackets, backpacks, shoes. In the room, put bookshelves for storage.favorite knick-knacks, books, photos. All these little things will help your loved ones to stay organized, quickly find the right things, as well as save you time. Assess the situation in the house and take into account the wishes of all who are part of the family. This will help you organize the space in your home for a comfortable and efficient stay.