Today there will be a master class on choosing the style of the interior -

Within a couple of hours, the master class of Veronika Kovaleva, the leading specialist of design studio, starts on the theme "Styles in the interior: how to choose your own and not to lose?"

The event will take place in the showroom showroomReal Estate - 2016 in the shopping center "Crocus Vegas". During the master class, Veronica will talk about 5 styles, the most relevant at the moment. Talking about the specifics of each of the directions will help to understand what is worth paying attention to when choosing a particular style and how to convey your wishes to the designer.

Also, Veronica will tell you why you can not save, decorating the interior in this or that style, and, most importantly, where you can find accessories for each of them.

The Roomble portal acts as an info partner for the event.