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We scraped along the susekam and found 10 very beautiful and useful for inspiration blogs. We share the find takes care of you and finds answers to the most pressing questions. However, we are not the only storehouse of knowledge on the web. We spent the whole week digesting the archives and gathered for you the top 10 western blogs about design - the most-most ...

Blog created by two girls - Jo and Kim. Obsessed with the design of the young lady met on the web about 9 years ago. One - from Canada, the other - from Australia, they never met before, but created more than a popular block about design in all its manifestations. Most of all girls are interested in white minimalist interiors with industrial details. Massive, but simple in execution items, as well as inventions made "on the knee."

Hannah Trickett, creator of the, a young lady with a hard fate and white Danish butterflies inside. Her blog gravitates to Scandinavian minimalism, this is the origin of the author's roots, as well as simple, easily reproducible solutions. The latter circumstance is a consequence of Hannah's health problems, as a result of which she had to significantly simplify her life.

By the name of the blog immediately becomes clear, the information of which direction the authors are overthrown by us. Yes, this blog is about small houses, and it's great. Here you can find information about the most famous and completely unfamiliar projects of the professionals of the market. On the technologies, thanks to which you can squeeze everything necessary for life into the trunk of a minivan. will take your attention for many hours and will do it with an enviable regularity. "Dusty jacket" writes about all the nuances of modern design, including wedding dresses and sandwiches. The effect of "sticking" on this blog will be especially powerful if you are inspired by natural materials in the interior and luxurious simplicity of the type of gold, drowned in a white marble sink.

The fruit of the Greek mind is Melina Divani language does not turn to be called a blog. In our opinion, this is a full-fledged publication about design and interior, on the virtual pages of which only the best Web projects fall. Recently, for example, we have discovered the project of our great friend and beloved designer Zhenya Zhdanova.

The creator of sings the classics in all its splendor. On the pages of the blog Jennifer Boles - a huge number of coats of arms, ornaments and interiors, the history of which is several centuries old. Therefore, if "old times" cause you attacks of exceptionally light reflection, then you are here.

Blog created by a woman obsessed with accessories and all sorts of decorations. You will not find the pink glass elephants here, but here is the abyss of fresh ideas that you could not even imagine, quite. Highly recommended.

The romance of the afterlife in all its vaguetenderness is presented in Nostalgic calm images that set exclusively on a calm, measured pastime away from the noise of big cities, a huge number of colors and dark-haired women - this is what is most filled with the blog. Enjoy. is not what you thought. Here, the authors focused on travel and design examples of exotic countries. Standard interiors of luxury hotels and glamorous nightclubs on the pages of this blog you will not find, but you will find a new source of inspiration, photos of which you will not find anywhere else.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, author and - a very modern girl, who, however, prefers gizmos and as a consequence - interiors with a history. Actually, this is her blog.