Top 9 articles Roomble: week 11-17 July -


The most read materials of the last week are ina special collection of The equator of summer has been passed, many managed to return from vacation, share their impressions of travel and thereby inspire others to have an active pastime. And at this time, our traditional selection of the best of the week greatly simplifies life - after all, it is so convenient, being not at the computer, to go to our website on Sunday and evaluate the most read materials. Not everything is included in this collection, so to stay up to date - subscribe to our social networks! ,,,,, - with them it is much more convenient to track news, trends and interesting articles. 1. A hostess's dream is a perfectly organized pantry: 20 ideas A pantry must be in order and comfort. Otherwise, the process of finding what you need will drag on for many hours, and this time will be irretrievably lost. What to do to prevent this from happening? Check out our ideas, maybe some of them will suit you too! ... 2.20 ceilings decorated with stucco molding Stucco molding is never an accent in the interior, typical for old houses. We have specially collected modern ideas for its application to prove this statement. You can decorate any space with stucco molding - see for yourself. ... 3.Apartment in the elite residential complex "Russian avant-garde" This interior, created by the designer Alexandra Klyamuris, turned out to be rich in interesting decorative solutions due to the combination of styles. It was at their junction that harmony was born, which led to such a stunning visual and aesthetic component. ... 4.Saving Water: Practical Household Tips for Every Day A very important article is about how to properly protect the environment by saving water. An overview of technical tools and devices, as well as the most useful tips that meet modern requirements. ... five.12 interiors in the most fashionable colors of the year An overview of the most fashionable and current colors of the year, already used in interiors around the world. Restaurants, hotels, shopping centers - and everywhere "rose quartz" and "serene blue". It looks very stylish. ... 6.Energy efficient house with phytowall Interiors and exterior of one modern energy efficient house. As unusual as it is on the outside, so is the inside. In such a house, you want to spend more time in order to feel the atmosphere of the building. ... 7. How to equip a narrow hallway 5 tips for equipping a narrow hallway:

  • Make custom storage systems;
  • Hangers are needed on the walls;
  • Narrow consoles do not interfere accurately;
  • Without a big mirror and life is not the same;
  • Use folding benches.

For more details about each item -. eight.How to use pallets in your living room: 17 coffee tables Pallet coffee tables are a really cool idea for a living room. Having collected 17 ideas, we ourselves even wanted to get hold of something similar in our personal space. The tables really look very cozy and home-like. ... 9. Ideal country house The creators called this house "Bear Cub" for its cozy and compact interiors. And we completely and completely agree with them - it is so compact and even cute. ...