House and Cottage

Townhouse with an area of ​​92 meters in a cottage settlement in the Moscow region -

92 meters for a townhouse - this is quite a bit, becauseTownhouse - almost a country house. The more difficult it is to plan and place everything that you want to see in the country house Pavel and Ekaterina - a young married couple with a three-year-old daughter. The project of their townhouse was the second in the quarter of Cronburg. Pavel is a design engineer by profession, and Catherine is a lawyer. The main desire of the owners was to get a comfortable living space in terms of interior and layout. Marina Sargsyan embodied all the wishes of the young family. Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator Marina Sargsyan is a designer-decorator. In the profession since 2005. - I did not come to the design immediately, first I graduated from the technical university, later the school of design, profile courses in the training center "Career", I attended master classes on design in Finland. Each new project for me is a different world, another "reality." Creating an interior for another person, I, as an actor, immerse myself in a new image, in order to create a harmonious, cozy space for the customer, taking into account my knowledge and experience. "

On the ground floor, the owners wanted to see the kitchen,Combined with the living room, which was embodied in the project. The kitchen itself is small, but due to the fact that it is extended in length, it was possible to organize literate space with a lot of storage and built-in appliances. All working surfaces of the kitchen are next to large windows, this reception makes this zone lively and bright.

Kitchen from Verona Mobili.

The living room is visually separated from the kitchen by an arch. Right on the border of these zones is a wooden table Calligaris and four soft chairs from Gramercy Home. In the center of the room is a laconic sofa from Poliform, and in front of it is a classic TV area.

On the second floor there is a children's room andCabinet. For the child's room was supposed a small bathroom with shower, but the customer did not like the location of the bathrooms. To the bathroom could move, the pipes were laid on the floor of the first floor and raised to the second through the chimney (it was provided for the possible installation of the fireplace). The bathroom ended up right next to the stairs.

The children's room is replete with bright accents. The workplace, located directly in front of the windows, will allow you to deal with natural light for most of the day. On the sides of the table rise light lockers. Opposite the bed is the Dream Land couch, which is decorated with bright decorative elements in the form of fairy-tale castles and palaces.

On the third floor, in the attic, there is a room andBathroom owners, as well as a dressing room. It's no secret that the attic itself creates a cozy atmosphere, and with the right elements of the interior to achieve maximum comfort will not be difficult. For example, what exactly is the original Eichholtz chair, arranged neatly in the corner.

The groove was also an excellent solution, one of which contained a chest of drawers Fratelli Barri, while others turned into a small library.

The bed from Roybosh is ideal for a low room, and gentle textile curtains complete the interior of the bedroom.

The master bathroom is made in the same color scheme as the bedroom. In it everything is extremely simple and practical. Two drawers under the sink and shelves in the shower - all that is needed.

In the design of all rooms in the house used mostly wallpaper companies Eijffinger and Sanderson, paint - from Little Greene.