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Treshka in the classics: a Moscow apartment with a fireplace and a bronze crocodile -

What should be a classic interior so that itDid not seem boring and old-fashioned? Today we will consider an example of an interior created in a three-room apartment in Moscow. Here, and the classic, and oriental flavor, and fashion lilac shades. And yet - a lot of interesting ideas - a fairly complex implementation style. Strict canons are not suitable for every room, and too careful observance as a result can result in a stiff, unsophisticated interior without a soul. We continue to give examples of successful experiments with this style, and today the focus is on the project of a three-room apartment on the Lomonosov Prospekt by designer Margarita Mustafina. Margarita Mustafina, designer-decorator: Graduate of MGHPA them. S. G. Stroganov specializing in "Interior Design". Behind him - experience in various architectural and design bureaus, currently working as a private designer. His professional task is described as "the creation of harmonious and comfortable interiors, the visiting card of which is the delicate interplay of modern technologies and design, delicate luxury and elaboration in detail." Clients and wishes The customer is a businessman 50 years old from Azerbaijan, with his wife and children. In Moscow, the family is not too often, so the apartment was done not to stop at the hotel. Before the designer was set a very specific task: an apartment in a classical style, built on a combination of beige, white and gold colors. Without busting and frills, in the middle price range, but at the same time worthy of looking. From expensive materials it was allowed to buy only plumbing. Layout Despite the fact that the apartment is in a new house, the previous owners have already managed to build partitions for their project. This layout suited the customers and was therefore taken as a basis. It took only a few minor changes: for example, one room was liquidated to enlarge the living room. The bathroom was enlarged and made into it by the entrance from the bedroom, but the passage to the kitchen from the corridor was laid and combined it with the living room, making an arch between them. Style features As already mentioned, the customerWanted to get a classic interior in the best traditions of this style, which is why the leitmotif of the whole design is a graceful curved line reminiscent of Baroque and Rococo. They start right from the doorstep and continue to meet in all the other rooms. In the main room, smooth lines pass along the edge of the backs of the sofas, freeze in curls and palmettes of tables, outline the contour of the shell and scallops of the C-shaped shape on the fireplace, flow into the bent legs of chairs and bedside tables, a dressing table and a wardrobe - already in the private zone . Leather headboards in the master bedroom and guest room, the expressive carving of the cabinet furniture - the presence of a curved line, its excitement and dynamics are felt everywhere. Living room The living room embodies all canonsClassical style: it is luxurious, symmetrical and executed in noble colors. Smooth lines here are especially numerous: in addition to tables and a fireplace, they paint the outlines of furniture, show relief in plaster ornaments of stucco decorations, in themselves become a three-dimensional sculptural part of a marble or tapestry pattern on a cushion. Bedrooms The journey of the protagonist of thisInterior - a smooth line - continues. In the master bedroom, it turns into gray-brown stems and flower-tree branches on paper wallpaper, and in the guest room - into ornamental weaves on a noble background of the color of aged gold. Both rooms turned out different in mood, butVery gentle and tuning to rest. Of other similarities - a common color scheme, a little darker in the guest room and a little more fresh and light in the main bedroom. Both rooms are like two museum halls: Italian painting with carnival motives and light, full of air impressionism. The connecting link is an elegant white with gilding. Kitchen The kitchen is very different from the living room andDining room: with an obligatory beige palette, non-calming pastel colors adjoin, and a saturated green color. The kitchen zone as a whole looks more collected and stricter, but it has not managed to escape from the influence of the ubiquitous curved line: it manifested itself in the vegetable ornament of the pediment in the center of the cupboards and curled in patterned tapes of ceramic granite. The shapes of the glass pendants above the bar stand are also curved and round. Bathrooms Perhaps only bathroomsAvoided the direct "impact" of baroque and rococo. However, this is not accidental, but done deliberately: for a small area, which could be increased only slightly, the choice of compact modern furniture of simple shapes was optimal. However, in the bathroom with the font you can still feel the influence of the general style: it manifests itself in a color solution with the interspersing of gold details and the use of ceramic tiles with imitation of onyx. Guest bathroom is interesting in the first placeColor solution, which is completely different from the rest of the apartment. Marine motives reign here, however, a smooth line also occurs: for example, in the base of the washbasin on bent legs, made in modern classics. Such an uncharacteristic for the general style of choice is easy to explain: the owner of the house chose the tile, and this is what his wish was on the list of the most important. Decorative elements The classic is not onlyStrictness, there is room for interesting accessories and unusual decorative elements. In the interior of this apartment cheerful spontaneity and ease add porcelain figurines of different animals and charismatic bronze crocodile - competent decorative accents, creating the right mood. Margarita Mustafina, designer: - The fireplace was my idea. I really like fireplaces and often use them in my interiors. Especially now there are all kinds of biofuels, and you can make a real home in the apartment. It is always difficult to find a beautiful portal, especially if the budget is limited. Colors and materials The use of decorative plaster to decorate walls in the living room, kitchen and hallway, a rosewood array as a floor covering (in the living room) and hand-made tiles with a game of shades of green on the kitchen apron is dictated by several motives. Firstly, these materials create an outwardly winning and texturally rich interior design, and secondly, they are optimal in terms of performance. For the most part, the choice of color scheme was influenced by customers and their wishes. At the same time, the designer wanted to play with the flowers a little, so she tried to add some color to each room, in addition to the overall white and beige color. For example, for the living room was chosen lilac color of the walls, the kitchen is dominated by green, despite the fact that it is only on the apron. In the master bedroom there are yellow, silvery and salad shades, and the guest bathroom is generally solved in a radical blue-and-white color scheme. Margarita Mustafina, designer: - The main goal and idea of ​​the project was to make a quiet classic interior: simple, but not completely boring. At its creation, I was inspired by the viewing of Italian and French interiors of the past centuries. The repair lasted 8 months. In this interior were used: Living room

  • Furniture - Michael Amini (USA), collection Lavelle. Solid birch, painting, patination.
  • Stucco molding - "Peterhof" (Russia).


  • The furniture is Atlas-Lux (Russia), the Britannica collection.
  • Floor - granite Tagina (Italy), collection Minera Liqua.
  • Apron - tiles handmade by the factory Pecchioli (Italy).

Master bedroom

  • Furniture - factory Brunello (Italy), collection AiX.
  • Wallpaper - Zoffany (United Kingdom).
  • Doors - "New Interior" (Russia).

Guest bedroom

  • Furniture - factory Cavio (Italy), collection Benedetta.
  • Wallpaper - Studio 465 (USA), collection Prague.


  • Plumbing - Rifra (Italy).
  • Tile - Gardenia Orchidea (Italy), collection Onice.
  • Bathtub, faucets and accessories - Gessi (Italy).


  • Tile - factory Maritima (Spain), collection of Maritima.
  • Plumbing - Devon & Devon (Italy).
  • Faucets and accessories - Gessi (Italy).

Photos of Viktor Chernyshov.