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A real loft in an abandoned factory: an ideal apartment for an architect

A brutal loft with real brick walls,Concrete ceiling and industrial furniture - this is the apartment of architect Yevgeny Evdokimov, which is located in the building of the former factory. He told us how he worked on the interior of his dreams. We often talk about interiors in the loft style. Today, this style is often found, especially in men's apartments, but no less often it's just stylizations created in new homes. Architect Evgeni Evdokimov decided that his dwelling should be designed exactly in the style of an industrial loft and must be located in an industrial building. So it was chosen a room on one of the idle factories. A real find for Eugene are the well-preserved features of the loft - rough plaster, brickwork, pipes and concrete ceiling. Evgeny Evdokimov, the architect Evgeny is our constant expert and is often published on the pages of the online magazine. More information about it you can read.

The architect's dream

Eugene believes that the home of the architect orDesigner - his "visiting card". Therefore, in its interior everything should be perfect to the smallest detail. He took care of the registration of his own dwelling with due responsibility. He wanted to create here a truly masculine situation that would reflect the inner world of a young man, keen on creativity, sports and travel. Evgeny Evdokimov, architect: - The complexity and ease was that I - the customer and I - the architect. On the one hand, as an architect, I'm very experienced in design, but on the other hand, when creating an interior for myself, I came across the fact that my perfectionism was just off scale. Every detail, be it furniture or an accessory, should ideally match each other in both style and material. I can not say that it was easy, but it was worth it! I made an interior that completely satisfies me. I love every chair, every lamp.

Features of the layout

Feelings of complete freedom in this interior have beenTo achieve thanks to an open studio layout. There is a lot of light and air here, perhaps, just because it was originally not a residential building, but an industrial workshop with large windows and the absence of any partitions. Lighting fixtures and furniture have become the main zoning elements of the loft, dividing it into three functional areas: the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. The bedroom was the only exception. Her Eugene decided to fence with a glass vintage metal frame. She was also fastened to the floor with curtains. Evgeny Evdokimov, architect: - The industrial loft is my favorite style in the interior. I consider it very practical. Loft I love for roughness of textures, for the possibility of collecting and collecting various design items (from chairs to old hours), for a large amount of light, which is important for a creative person. And also for a sense of freedom. Loft - this is probably a state of mind.

Color and light

The color solution was built around brickWalls. They have a pleasant neutral shade. It can be seen that the bricks have faded and faded since the first masonry, which was produced even in the times of the Soviet Union. But this gives the walls the necessary chic. A certain reference to the still not tarnished red brickwork are bright red valves, chairs and dishes in the kitchen. They also act as accents, bringing into the atmosphere sharp notes. The living room area is also not devoid of bright spots. Here is located the armchair and sofa Traffic mustard shade. As for lighting, everything here is extremely simple and practical - all the devices that are in the loft, illuminate the working areas, thereby zoning space.


Kitchen - the magnet of this loft, which attracts toAttention from the very first moments. Its center is the graphite island of Mina Professional Minacciolo factory, which performs many functions. It is made in an industrial style and somewhat resembles a smithy. Complement his fridge and closet from the same collection as the island, which completely match it in color and style.

Brands, materials, decoration

Living room:

  • Upholstered furniture - Magis factory, Traffic collection,
  • A concrete coffee table is made to order,
  • Floor lamp - brand Diesel, from the collection of Fork (Evgeny's favorite collection),
  • In the center of the living room is a large colored carpet that gives comfort to this zone.


  • A massive dining table with a coarse metal tabletop - from the collection of Mina from the Minacciolo factory,
  • Chairs - the factory Magis, from the collection of Steelwood, manufactured by one of the popular in the middle of the last century, injection molding technology,
  • Hanging lamp - 85 Lamps brand Droogs Design (85 light bulbs). It is suspended on the hook of the shop crane. So it can be moved anywhere in the room and adjusted in height.


  • Multifunctional graphite island - Mina Professional from Minacciolo,
  • Closet - Cantinette Mina from the Minacciolo factory,
  • Fridge - Dispensa Mina from the Minacciolo factory,
  • Extract - Mammut from the Minacciolo factory,
  • Three pendant lamps - the brand Diesel, from the collection of Fork,
  • Bright red chairs - the factory Tolix, 1934.


  • Bed is made to order,
  • Metal frame with glazing is made to order,
  • Wardrobe closet is made to order.


  • On the floor - wooden parquet, in the kitchen area and in the bathroom - a bulk concrete floor,
  • On the walls - brickwork, left unchanged from the industrial workshop,
  • the ceiling is made of concrete.

Evgeny Evdokimov, architect: - For me, the most valuable thing in this interior is that it's not a stylization, but a real loft, with its brick, concrete, metal, beams and pipes, which remained the same as they were during the work of this plant. In it there is a story that you can read, touch it and feel its energy.

Tips from Evgeny Evdokimov on the creation of such an interior

  • Each style has its own architecturepremises and layout. For minimalism - one thing, for art nouveau - another, and for industrial loft - the third. The best option and source material for an interior in the style of an industrial loft can be a converted industrial building. So look for the right room!
  • In the loft you can and should use coarsetexture, stone, plaster, concrete and, of course, brick. If you want a more relaxed interior, then selecting one wall with rough texture, for example, behind the head of the bed, you will get a discreet interior and emphasize the style of the loft.
  • Be sure to consider the presence of industrialelements and open structures. An industrial loft is not an ornament, but, on the contrary, a denudation. Obstruction of the construction material and materials. Also I recommend to leave open pipes and use open wiring in metal corrugation - it looks very impressive and is inexpensive.
  • For an industrial loft, a mandatorythe presence of industrial elements, it could be an old clock, a metal cabinet or a table. In the interior it is worth leaving a slight carelessness, instead of a bedside table you can lay out a stack of books, and put a picture or poster on the floor.
  • Observe the proportions: in a large room, do not waste time on trivialities and play with small objects, rather reduce their number to a minimum and pay attention to one, but to a large element.
  • photos provided by Evgeny Evdokimov