TV in the interior of the living room: layout options, decoration

Modern "blue screens" have long becomean indispensable part in the interior. Thanks to their advanced technical and design capabilities, television plasma and LCD panels fit into any decor today. TV in the interior of the living room deserves more attention, as the living room is a rest room for the hosts themselves and their guests. Therefore, the correct location of the TV will help create the necessary comfort and convenience for watching TV. TV in the hallTV in the hall is not only a device for watching your favorite TV shows, but also an important element of decor.

Options for placing TV panels

First, the owners need to decide whichthe plasma TV panel will be located. In the traditional interior of the living room, this is represented by two options: attaching the TV to a wall or ceiling using a bracket and placing it on a curb or floor. If the first option is selected, then, depending on the model of the TV, the bracket is selected. It can scroll, creating convenience when viewing from different corners of the room, can be fixed in one position. In any case, when choosing a suspended option, it is worth considering that hanging TV wires, wi-fi and hdm-cables will be visible. Therefore, it will be necessary to consider separately the variant of their isolation from prying eyes, so that they do not spoil the interior as a whole. Suspended to the wall using a bracket, the TV is usually best placed on the opposite side of the soft corner of the wall. This creates a viewing and rest zone. After all, due to its fineness, the TV, like a picture, becomes an additional element of the decor. But you can enter it into the interior of the living room with the help of such options as: Place the TV in the living room in the old way in the furniture wall.

  • design of plasma by sliding panels;
  • embedding the TV in a cabinet or niche;
  • framing with decorative baguette;
  • placing above the fireplace portal as a continuation of a single plane;
  • decoration with various textures and wallpaper of the part of the wall where the TV panel is suspended.

Pasting of walls with wallpaper of various color solutionswill create the necessary exposure in the visualization of space and also zonate the interior, visually increasing or extending it. For this, a wallpaper in a strip or any other pattern, alternating with a monochrome color, is perfect. It is important that the main color is combined with one of the colors that is present on the wallpaper with a pattern. Ideal option dictating in the interior of modern trends, will be pasting the TV zone with an artificial stone, on which the TV will be fixed. Or instead of a stone it is possible to use columns, baguette panels, DSP-panels, imitating a tree. They will skillfully combine, if the floor will be laid out the floor of the same color texture. When placing TV in a niche, do not forget about its ventilation. After all, in addition to the fact that the TV is attached to the wall, in the case of niches, it is also spatially closed on four sides. Therefore, the shape of the niche should be wider in size than the TV-panel itself, so that the air circulates well. Back to contents</a>

Plasma panel in different interior styles

TV and fireplace - very popular combination inliving room. Framing the TV in the interior of the frame is ideal for living rooms in the style of different eras, combining palace or Venetian details. The presence in the living room of screens, mirrors and furniture in retro style will allow you to enter into the interior a TV in a painted frame. Such services are offered by the baguette masters who have already appeared in the market of decor services. Styles of high-tech, classical, minimalism or avant-garde allow not to mount the TV into the wall, but to place it on the cabinet furniture. In modern headsets for halls the tendency of the use of modules is traced. Having arranged several furniture modules that are suitable for the texture and color, the necessary effect of the situation is achieved. In this case, the TV is placed on a long low cabinet, which can combine wood, glass and metal accessories. If there are shelves in them, it is convenient to place various additional TV equipment, disks or consoles. Near the television module, which in this furniture ensemble serves as the basis of the interior, the remaining modules are placed: a chest of drawers, a narrow cabinet, hanging shelves or cabinets. In the case of a living room in a country house, where the decor is a hunting style, wood, stone and other natural materials, then you can fix the TV on the wall and hide it behind the sliding wooden panels. When the TV is turned off for a long time leaving the house, the panels will move. This will help to keep the operational and technical properties of the plasma "blue screen" longer. Putting the TV on the wall, where the fireplace is installed, do not put too much emphasis on the device itself. Assemble the gypsum board structure underTV itself, thus there will be additional shelves. Let it be a classic black or dark gray color. Since here already the fireplace is a prerogative in the interior, the TV should not overlap the beauty of the hearth and flame. In small-sized living rooms, as well as combined with bedrooms, TVs are recommended to even be hung on the wall. The attachment is a swiveling bracket, which is very convenient for those owners who often watch TV lying down. Plus, such a maneuver with a fastener will save the living room space of any size. One of the original options is a TV stand for a plasma TV. As a rule, it is made of light, but strong chipboard panels, mounted on castors, which allows it to move around the room. In continuation of the original ideas for placing the TV in the interior of the living room, it is worth mentioning stand-easels, thumbs-drums and other non-traditional variations. But in this case, the entire living room should be sustained in a similar style. Making out the living room to your taste, do not forget that you can always arrange furniture and interior details with a note of originality. The main thing is for the owners themselves to be functional and comfortable.