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Two-storey house in the Krasnodar Territory: oriental motifs in the modern interior -

The interior of the house, which we will tell you, whileOnly in the project. But there is a visualization of its already converted rooms, a huge terrace and a clear idea of ​​how to 350 square meters. M a welcoming middle-aged couple will easily and comfortably accommodate those visiting to stay with their children and grandchildren. If you are only planning to change the interior of your house, there are many interesting ideas for you here. The house is located in Novorossiysk, in the Krasnodar Territory, in a cottage settlement on the bank of the Abrau lake. By the time the interior project was being developed, the walls of the house were already standing. Moreover, on the first floor there were two levels of floor, and the building itself was equipped with bearing structures and columns, which could not be moved. From this, and had to proceed to a team of three designers. Marina Suvorova, Ekaterina Russkova, Evgenia Reveleva Graduates of the British Higher School of Design. Within the framework of private practice, they develop residential and public interiors. Customers wished to have 8 rooms, 5 bathrooms, one of which is shared on the first floor, plus technical rooms on the two floors: dressing room, laundry room, small cargo elevator. Marina Suvorova: - In developing the project, we primarily focused on the interests of the owners of the house: the head is fond of oriental cultures, loves art and painting, non-standard decorative solutions, his wife is interested in ceramics and appreciates the combination of visual harmony with functionality. Interior with ethnic motivesHouses include panoramic windows overlooking the picturesque lake Abrau. The terrace that surrounds the building is the same as the house itself. So the designers were where to "sweep". Given the fact that the house can simultaneouslyThere were a lot of people, it was necessary to provide for common areas (such as a dining room, living room) where you could get together and spend time with your family, as well as personal spaces for each family member, allowing you to retire and relax. According to the designers, the laconic as if hints at modern minimalism and inside the house, but the customer initially indicated his preferences not in his favor. The stylistic desire of the customer was a soft, comfortable for life and unique interior with ethnic motives. Ekaterina Russkova: - When designing the layout of the house we decided to almost completely give the first floor to the public zone: the kitchen-dining room, the living room. Each of these rooms has access to a large terrace with a fireplace and a jacuzzi. They also took a place under the study and a small guest room. The second floor is completely given for personalSpaces, here are located (separate, according to the wishes of customers), children's bedrooms, as well as dressing rooms. For convenience, each of the bedrooms is equipped with its own bathroom. The configuration of the house allowed us to place technical rooms in the basement, except for the laundry, which is also located on the second floor for ease of use. Materials According to the designed design, the houseWill be decorated in a modern style with light oriental notes. The open space, simple and laconic forms of furniture and curtains will make the room modern, and the abundance of textiles, ornaments and colors in the decor will create a comfortable enveloping atmosphere. For the finishing, natural ecological materials such as wood, stone, natural fabrics that harmoniously fit the interior of the house into the surrounding scenic landscape, including by finishing textures, were offered. A lot of wood, for example in decorative gratingsWith ornamentation - this motif is visible in almost all rooms. Lattices work on the clearance from the natural light on the windows or artificial - on walls with hidden illumination, which gives them an additional bulk effect. Light marble is used for surfaces of countertops and aprons, travertine - for exterior decoration of the house. Eugene Reveleva: - In the living room we will arrange two high shelves made to order - they will visually emphasize the height of the ceiling, and also allow to place a collection of ceramics and a large number of books of the owners. There is also a place for painting. In the hall of the house, under the stairs, there is a place for a compact dressing room. As for the storage of clothes, in the two bedrooms are designed individual wardrobes, in the other two - a spacious built-in wardrobes, inconspicuous at the entrance. The furniture for the project was selected in a modern style, rather laconic, but with a twist. So, the ornament in the head of the bed from The Sofa and Chair Company echoes the ornamentation of the grilles, and the interesting ornate handles of Castagna's built-in kitchen send us to the East. When choosing furniture, an important factor is not only aesthetic beauty, but also functionality. For example, the amazing dining table The Fletcher Capstan Table with a swivel mechanism parted and allows you to seat all the guests. Light Interesting designers approached the lightRegistration. In each of the rooms several light scenarios have been thought out that allow changing the situation depending on the occasion and mood - from bright light for a formal dinner to a muted one, suitable for a solitary romantic dinner. Marina Suvorova: - In the project there are both built-in upper lamps and decorative lower ones: sconces, floor lamps, table lamps. Also thought over is the highlighting of the decor: carved panels on the wall in the dining room, sculptural composition and others. Decorative lamps from the English Heathfield conquered us with their design, so we preferred our lighting design to them. Color The whole house is made in a single color scheme,The general color palette is represented by calm neutral colors - light beige in combination with natural wood, and bright shades of cherry, turquoise and bronze create accents and enliven the interior. Ekaterina Russkova: - One of the main wishes of the customers was the creation of a warm cozy interior, so we thought that a good solution would be to use as a background of quiet light walls and a warm floor tree for the floor. But for soft furniture, a brighter solution has been chosen - fabrics of juicy tones combined with oriental ornaments. Decor In the decor and textile design, the main theme of the interior is traced - light oriental notes, they will be visible in decorative vases-turrets, carved panels on the dining room wall, prints on fabrics. There are intertwined patterns, and Ikatas are traditional oriental ornaments. Textiles in this case works as the main accent of the interior. A sculptural composition of unusual forms contrasts with the background of the traditional East and sends us to modern art. According to designers, the project will take about a year. In the design used: Living room:

  • Floor - solid board Ebony and Co;
  • Furniture - couches Ditre Italia, armchairs Vibieffe, chest of drawers Porada;
  • Textiles - Kravet;
  • Lighting - table lamps Heathfield.


  • Floor - solid board Ebony and Co;
  • Furniture - chest of drawers, bed, bedside tables, banquet The Sofa and Сhair Сompany, armchair Gervasoni;
  • Textiles - Kravet;
  • Decor - mirror Surya;
  • Lighting - lamps and chandelier Heathfield.

Kitchen-dining room:

  • Floor - solid board Ebony and Co;
  • Furniture - kitchen Castagna, bar stools Holly Hunt, dining table The Fletcher Capstan Table, dining chairs Giorgetti, console Holly Hunt;
  • Home appliances - Miele.

Variants of zoning of common rooms with a large area of ​​the room

  • The most affordable option is zoning with furniture. For example, a chic bar of a kitchen set will clearly divide the areas of the kitchen and dining room, or kitchen-dining room and living room.
  • If you are fond of breeding fish, you will not have problems with non-standard division of the room. A large beautiful aquarium clearly delineates the boundaries of premises of different functional purposes.
  • Make different lighting above the dining room and living room (the main thing is that these types of lighting go well with each other) - this will be enough for zoning.
  • A very beautiful zoning withBeautiful parquet board, porcelain tiles or special floor tiles. The same ornament, contrasting only in color, looks great.
  • Decorate the main dining room wall and the main living room wall in different ways. The right combination will have a delightful effect.
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