Decor of small squares

Unique design decor of a small apartment

This modest and comfortable apartmentlocated in the Swedish city of Stockholm. Not so long ago, it was acquired by new owners through the firm Fantastic Frank, specializing in the implementation of various real estate. Before buying in the apartment were renovated. Metric area of ​​housing is 36 square meters. m., which include two small rooms and a walk-through miniature kitchen area. And from the window openings in front of the eyes of the tenants appears a picturesque view of the lake and the magnificent nature. Through the panoramic door from the living room to the balconythe sun's rays are leaking ... ... it feels like the whole space is filled with incredible shine. Naturally, the style of Scandinavia, in which this charming apartment is decorated, plays an important role in the interior. For this orientation, the design is characterized by a pastel shade of the walls, in this design there is a snow-white, wood floor surface and colorful rich decorations that create an incredible effect. The lilac and crimson color of textile fabric, flower bouquets and other accessories lead to reflections on the fact that this decor is perfect for a feminine modest girl.

When decorating small-sized apartments, please note that:

  • Scandinavian style perfectly harmonizes with small darkened rooms;
  • it was invented as a decoration methodmelancholic cold days and suggests a calm light color, a lot of points of light (natural and artificial) - all this optically expands the amount of modest housing;
  • places for storing clothes and other items can be arranged in narrow tall lockers that merge with the walls, their shade should be consistent with the shade of the wallpaper.