Unique designer handicrafts. Handmade in Germany 2015


From February 20 to March 1, an exhibition was held in MoscowGerman design Handmade in Germany 2015, where the best manufactories in Germany presented their handmade products. We are ready to tell you about the most interesting exhibits of the exhibition Handmade in Germany has become a real pleasure both for those who love and appreciate German design, and for those who were not interested in this topic before. All exhibits were created in the best manufactories in Germany, and many of the companies that presented the results of their work at the exhibition have a century-old history. Excellent design, highest quality and uniqueness of manual production - we saw all this with our own eyes and are ready to share our impressions and photos with you. Bonus: we asked famous architects and designers and found out their opinion about Handmade in Germany 2015. Media partner of the exhibition - etk-fashion.com.

For kitchen

For those who are crazy about designer tableware, the exhibitionHandmade in Germany should have seemed like a real treasure! For example, the exhibition featured the legendary unglazed porcelain from the Hering Berlin workshop. These products combine elegance and durability (porcelain can be washed in dishwashers). Among the exhibits are magnificent handmade porcelain from the Nymphenburg manufactory, founded in 1747. Each plate, each cup is created by hand behind the potter's wheel, and therefore all porcelain products are unique. Visitors to the exhibition were also pleased with ceramics from the Hedwig Bolhagen manufactory, noble porcelain from the Fürstenberg factory, and porcelain from the Berlin Royal Porcelain Manufactory. At the exhibition, the dishes createdMasters of the famous porcelain factory "Rosenthal". This factory was founded in 1879 privy councilor Filippom Rozentalem, and today these products is considered to be part of the cultural heritage of Germany. Exquisite shapes and high quality porcelain "Rosenthal" deserved many prestigious awards. Among the exhibits were knives fromone of the best manufacturers of kitchen knives in the world - the Nesmuk company. These sharp, durable, stylish knives are used by professional chefs on all continents! The guests of the exhibition were surprised by the vintage siphons for soda, restored in the Langlebig workshop. These products are a true hymn to classic bar art. In addition, the Handmade in Germany exposition delighted with silverware from Koch & Bergfeld. Since 1829, true masterpieces of design have been released from the hands of the jewelers of this workshop.

For children

Handmade toys are already pretty familiarthing for Russian reality. Perhaps because people of all nationalities strive to give their children all the best and highest quality ... For example, stunning walkers, toy kitchens, doll houses made from environmentally friendly materials from toy craftsman Norbert Vernoyer. Such toys are not only safe and pleasing to the eye, but also contribute to educational games. And, of course, each of them is unique! Also at the exhibition were hand-made figurines from Wendt & Kühn (170 of the most professional wood carvers work in this workshop today). Stand of decorative dolls from cloth from the manufactoryErna Maier attracted the attention of almost every visitor to Handmade in Germany. These unique toys are invented by the teacher of preschool education and are created since 1945. High quality and undeniable pedagogical value provide these pupae popularity to this day.

For bathroom

Lovers of sophisticated and stylish bathroom tricksI was pleased with the exposition of the "Decor Walter" company. These mirrors, soap dishes, lamps, liquid soap diffusers and other accessories are examples of true German quality and attention to detail. The same can be said for the Dornbracht accessories and faucets, which have impeccable design and high aesthetic value. The bathtub from Kaldewei on display at the exhibition deserves special attention. Since 1918, this company has been producing bathtubs, shower trays and whirlpools from a unique material of its own production - Kaldewei steel enamel, 3.5 mm thick. This material thickness, according to the manufacturer, is optimal and guarantees special strength and durability. In support of this, the company provides a 30-year warranty on all of its bathtubs and pallets. In addition, Kaldewei bathtubs feature stylish designs that have won over a hundred awards.


Agree, use a globe for lighting -Not the most trivial solution. Such a highlight in the interior is offered to make the masters of the company "Columbus", creating the perfect handmade globes. In addition to globes, Handmade in Germany was presented with unique lamps from "Holi Trinity", which allow to create a living space with the help of light, as well as reinterpreted modern interpretations of crystal chandeliers from Windfall and multi-beam Christmas stars from Hernhunter Sterne.


There was not much furniture at the exhibition, but allit was distinguished by originality and, of course, demonstrated high skill in performance. Visitors liked the stylish solutions for storing bicycles in the apartment, offered by the Mikili design studio. We were surprised by the unusual chairs made of wine barrels from Magnus Meves, comfortable furniture from Wilde & Spit and a functional chest of drawers from the Kettnaker furniture workshop. The company "Line 58" deserves special attention, offering its customers only one product - countertop fixation systems. The product resembles a bizarrely curved line and allows you to turn any tabletops into a table without nails or screws.

Decor and Accessories

A lot of attention was paid to the decor at the exhibition.There was also the legendary bar weaving carpet "Nim", created with the participation of activist Marine Bensch, who in 1909 found a way to establish a profitable carpet production in Germany. Visitors were delighted with stylish switches from the workshop of Albrecht Jung, stunning environmentally friendly Object Carpet, Martin Haake's multi-award winning illustrations. In addition to tableware, manufacturers of porcelain and ceramics have offered many vases, figurines and other decorative solutions for the home. Among the exhibits, one could also see Lutz Kenecke's ceramic vases, distinguished by their incredibly stylish and laconic design.


Quite a lot was offered at the exhibitioninteresting solutions for finishing. The guests of Handmade in Germany were amazed by the incredible handmade ceramic tiles from the Berlin workshop "Golem". We were amazed by the luxurious wall coverings made to order by the Ulrich Welter manufactory. The innovative materials from Hasenkopf, which have no analogues on the market, aroused great interest. The high-quality and durable hand-made parquet from the Meisner company, which, by the way, is one of the best woodworking enterprises in Germany, did not go unnoticed.

What designers and architects think about Handmade in Germany

On the first day of the exhibition,the grand opening, which was attended by many architects, designers, decorators. We asked some prominent representatives of the design industry to share their impressions of the Handmade in Germany 2015 exhibition. Ekaterina Savkina, designer, art director of the Fazenda TV program: - Like any visual action, the exhibition for me began with a hanger. Or rather, from the queue to the wardrobe, in which fine-looking visitors stood obediently. The museum was simply not ready for such an influx of people interested in German applied production. And there was a lot to see: fantastic ceramics, toys, lamps-globes, gold and silver jewelry and a chandelier with crystal butterflies immersed in children's fantasies. designdirection.ru Anastasia Topoeva, architect: - The opening of the exhibition Handmade in Germany World Tour 2015 took place in the Museum of Decorative Arts, the guest of which I was lucky to be. It was a wonderful intimate event, with music, puppet show, delicious wine. The atmosphere of the reception fostered an understanding of the art of everyday life surrounded by lovingly made objects. ptam2.ru Mito Melitonyan, architect: - I left pretty quickly. It is clear that handmade is not necessarily something that is done on the knee and in an artisanal way. Such an exhibition should not look like a craft fair, but I thought that I would see more applied things such as crazy interesting shoes or creative clothes, jewelry, something that unexpectedly captures, with a special German flavor, but here everything is clean, fresh, neat , pedantic and very usual. Maybe this is exactly what they wanted to show. I liked it, but not impressed. melitonyan.com Remo Röntgen, director of Nya Nordiska: - The Handmade in Germany exhibition shows the high culture of German design - from concept to execution and the smallest details of the product. I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of participants - there are no major manufacturers and such “brands with a capital letter” as Porsche or Siemens at the exhibition. You will see previously unknown "diamonds". The fact that in our time you can still discover something new inspires ... It is thanks to this that the Handmade in Germany project allows you to truly deeply understand the highest culture of German products. For Russians, this should be comparable to ballet or opera seen and heard in Berlin, Paris or New York. nya.com Our opinion: - Handmade in Germany 2015 clearly demonstrates the traditional German approach to the quality of handicrafts. It is interesting that in the age of high technologies and in-line production, the products of manufactories not only remain in demand, but are especially appreciated, since they allow to bring unique items with their own history of creation to the interior. photo: Ekaterina Boglevskaya