Decor of small squares

Unique furniture set for small apartments

Modest apartments are more difficult to equip with a pointview of style, decor and furnishing. Equipping small apartments and cottages implies the correct and rational selection of a headset that can not only perfectly transform the furniture, but also fill the living room with special charm and comfort.

Modular worktop

Dining Ute Günther INNENARCHITEKTUR & DESIGNLaptops have become commonplace in our lives. In small apartments, the kitchen is used as a workplace, so installing a retractable practical desk can be a great solution for saving space. It can function for eating and working, and, if necessary, easily hidden in the kitchen.

Maximum vertical space utilization

Boudoir rice paddies interiors area classic solution for small bedrooms. Plus, they're perfect for kids. Natural wood is a classic material that will look great in the decoration of any apartment. Combine this set with nautical blue and white bedding and don't forget the functional staircase.

Install a modular sofa in the living room

Living Room Paul Craig Photography This furniture not only remarkably increases the living space for the reception of friends and family members, but also creates a cozy corner for reading and communication.

Pick the right interior

Bedroom 24mm Photography Vintageand antique items often have miniature proportions, so they look good in small spaces. Choose a laconic table in the antique salon, which can be easily used as a bedside table, or a sophisticated chair on high legs for arranging a corner for reading.

Create enough space for two

Eclectic Living Home Fusion Dining RoomIn your dining room there is not enough space for the location of the dining table and chairs for several people? Instead, pick up a bistro-style suite - a miniature surface for a meal and a pair of tall stools that can be hidden in a corner. In addition, they form a great place to eat for two. Glass is an excellent choice for small rooms in an unusual home, as it does not clutter up the room like hard materials.

Arrange the living room in a small niche or opening

Dining Aflux You can use an alcove forinstallation of a sofa with a U-shaped silhouette and a magnificent dining table. The window unit and the ceiling light will fill this place with a dazzling glow, as well as create excellent conditions for dining and serene pastime. Upholstery using velvet or linen will complement the decoration. Use similar fabric to decorate the window to give this tiny corner incredible elegance and charm.

Purchase items and headsets with dual functionality.

Guest Salon Kelly Deck Design Laconicmodern sofa bed is ideal for saving space. It can be comfortably accommodated in the guest lounge and used as a comfortable sleeping place for relatives and friends. Decorate the apartment in a light shade palette, and for curtains and upholstery, use soft and pleasant to the touch fabrics, such as wool and felt. Bright accessories and products will give the apartment a special mood.

Use large creative furniture

Boudoir Couture Rooms For example, install a largeheadboard on the bed to form an optical volume sensation. Soft woolen or linen fabrics, accompanied by pillows and matchless bedding, bring luxury and comfort to the atmosphere. We have presented to your attention a selection of tips and recommendations for the design of modest apartments. Did you like these ideas from professional architects? Share your opinion in the comments below ...