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Unique house: undulating ladder as the center of the interior

This Indian house is so coolladder that all Western blogs wrote about him. Why did the design, made in gray colors, turn out not boring, but multifaceted and very interesting? Read about it in our today's article Pay your attention to the gray color, which seems boring and uninteresting to many. Despite everything, it is considered universal. All over the world, designers use gray colors in interiors and create unique designs. How do they do it? Let's see what an interesting house looks like inside, the interior of which is dominated by gray colors. Its area is 580 square meters. It is located in India (Mumbai, Maharashtra). This is a new work by the Mexican design studio Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop. This project was created for a large family, taking into account the hot climate in this area. But the design of the house is far from the traditional Indian style.

Worthy companions of gray

The gray color is neutral, so it can be easily combined withother shades. It brings coolness, calmness to the interior, makes it comfortable and restrained. To keep the decor from looking boring, it needs decent accent companions. This applies not only to color, but also to texture, textiles, light, and unusual architecture. The interior of this house looks elegant, cool and very interesting. The colors are well chosen and the contrasting elements are highlighted. Our opinion: - If you want to create a restrained, comfortable and calm atmosphere in the interior with an aristocratic bias, combine gray with muted soft shades such as creamy milky, beige, white.

Wavy staircase - the center of the house

As the main contrasting detail in the homean unusual undulating staircase protrudes. It is made of walnut and goes well with the gray color. Its unusual shape immediately attracts attention. The house is designed in such a way that the staircase is visible from different angles. Accordingly, she is the main "heroine" of the interior. Interestingly, wood is present throughout the house and also goes well with the stairs. These are all kinds of backlit partitions, pieces of furniture. There is even a separate room where the walls and ceiling are paneled with wood. All lines, including the blinds and the architecture itself, work for the integrity of the space and emphasize the central importance of the staircase in the interior. A big plus of the room is the spacious glass windows located next to the flight of stairs. Natural illumination is reflected on the marble floor and favorably emphasizes the original design without additional partitions and railings. By the way, if the owners want to read in daylight, the stairs will also come in handy for this. On it you can very comfortably sit with a book! Our opinion: - In order for a gray interior to look calm, the color of walnut is most suitable, which we can observe on the example of this interior.

Light through the ceiling

The original ceiling inspacious living room. It is also made in the form of waves. The effect of blinds is created, through which light seems to break through. The shape of the ceiling echoes the outlines of the stairs, maintaining the overall style. In general, the room looks calm and cool. This is also facilitated by the light background of the walls, the discreet painting and the dark gray furniture. The carpet on the floor serves as a unifying link for the entire space. Our opinion: - To make the room look more spacious, it is better to make the ceiling and walls light. Pastel shades, light gray scale are perfect. And to visually make the space smaller, use dark gray colors. An important rule of thumb for using gray: if the walls are dark, then choose lighter furniture, and vice versa.

How to dilute the gray interior?

Monochrome design to avoid gloomy effectit is better to dilute with bright details. Let's see how it was done in the interior of the house. In the living room, a carpet acts as such an element. Although its color is variegated, the colors are muted. In one of the bedrooms, the wall is painted black and divided into squares. In another bedroom, the wall is lighter, but a black, three-dimensional decorative element was placed on it, which is combined with other objects in the room. Decorators diluted the gray with purple accents in the form of a chair, rug and painting. In the third bedroom, paintings on the wall and decorative pillows act as accent elements. Also in this role is a table with an original surface design. The study is decorated with a large painting, the frame of which matches the color of the furniture. The image on it has accent, discreet elements.

Gray loves light

So that the interior does not look dull, it shouldthere are additional sources of lighting. Especially if blinds are used in the room. There are many different lighting fixtures in the house, and not only on the ceiling. They can be seen on bedside tables, walls, and even on the floor. The chrome lampshades are especially effective in the interior. I would also like to note the dining room with amazing ceiling lamps in the form of drops of mercury. They look very original in themselves. But the effect is enhanced by reflections from the floor, table and window.

On a note!

  • Despite its versatility, gray colorit is necessary to use competently. It is good as a base shade in eco-style, in minimalism. The natural shade of autumnal gray is perfectly combined with any tree. It is especially advantageous with the nut, light oak, birch and alder.
  • The combination of gray with white remains out of time. This is a classic duo, which brings aristocratic notes to the interior.
  • Do not be afraid of gray. Thanks to invoices and successfully selected style, he creates in the interior a homeliness and a desired coolness.
  • It is especially good to use gray for premises located on the south side.
  • Designing art knows no boundaries, and gray color gives more and more new ideas for realization.