The interior of a small kitchen

The unique interior of a small kitchen with a U-shaped layout

Little place in the kitchen? This is not a sentence yet! Especially in the 21st century! We present you one of the examples of very small kitchen design.


U-shaped layout

It is believed that this option is only suitable forspacious rooms. A 7 m kitchen is more associated with a linear or angular arrangement of furniture. The successful location of the door allowed to depart from the rules. Spacious (but shallow) wardrobe occupied the "blind" zone in front of the door leaf. Thanks to the continuous U-shaped countertop, not only the “dining table” appeared in the kitchen, but also a large work surface.


Bar Stools + Rack

A narrow table near the wall is a godsend for a small kitchen. But ordinary chairs around it spoil the whole "ergonomics". After all, they need a standard table, and it is much lower than kitchen furniture. Designers offer to use the bar tabletop, and next to it to put bar stools. By the way, they are always smaller than usual. Ideally, if the upholstery of a bar stool is made of leather or leatherette (it is easier to clean than textile).


Bright color

There is a popular misconception that “everythingbeige "expands the space. A rich paint is appropriate only in large rooms - they say, the interior of the kitchen of 7 square meters will not decorate turquoise. As we can see, this kitchen was beige, and after adding a bright color it did not become less. Turquoise here compensates for the lack of vitamins: when there are few sunny days and light day is short, rich colors help to fight against autumn-winter depressions.



Instead of a leg in the corner of the bar table top designersused another kitchen cabinet (drawers move to the side). Symmetrically on the other hand is the shelves, the shelves of which form niches for coffee makers, dishes and cookbooks.


Shelves for trifles

Another interesting find is to arrange bythe perimeter of the working surface several rows of shallow shelves. You can put not only spices or glasses on them, but also decorative plates, vases or souvenirs. A great way to decorate the kitchen!