Unusual architecture: 10 most interesting modern buildings

Today we will tell you about the most unusual buildings inWorld, whose architecture is amazing. House in the form of an egg, lotus, banknote and piano - we will try to surprise you! We have chosen 10 bright architectural projects from all over the world. Some of them are not yet implemented, others are already suitable for living and for the work of offices. They are tall, ultra-modern and incredibly beautiful.

Building number 1: Cybertecture Egg (India)

Building with internal gardens, control systemHealth and "smart" technologies are planned to be built in India. The project is developed by the architectural studio James Law Cybertecture International, whose specialists like to work with high technologies. The estimated area of ​​the egg-shaped building is 32 thousand square meters. It will be equipped with solar batteries and windmills, which will generate electricity and make the building stand-alone. In order to combat the greenhouse effect, the gardens will be located inside the building. To water them will be used filtered water.

Building number 2: The Lotus Building (China)

When you look at the photo of this building,It seems that this is 3D-visualization. But we dare to assure you that this is a real building, the most that neither is an architectural work of art. House in the form of lotus The Lotus Building is a landmark of Changzhou city, for which many tourists come there. Its authors are specialists of the Bureau Studio 505 (Australia). It is interesting that the name and appearance of the building coincide with its location - in the center of the artificial reservoir. He holds 2,5 thousand geothermal piles. Enhances the aesthetic effect and the surrounding nature - a park area of ​​3.5 hectares. At night, the building is fully illuminated and looks magical at the same time.

Building No. 3: Futuroscope (France)

Futuristic building Futuroscope is located inThe French city of Poitiers. It is made of concrete and glass in the form of a build-up of crystals. This vivid representative of avant-garde art accommodates the second largest amusement park in France. It was opened in 1987. From the others it is distinguished by the fact that there are no traditional "funny hills" or a Ferris wheel. People come here for new impressions (4D- and 5D-films, dances with robots, light shows, staying in ideal ecological conditions) and for many other things.

Building No. 4: The Banknote Building (Lithuania)

This building from Kaunas attracted our attentionUnusual facade decoration: it consists of 4 thousand glass panels, covered with enamel paint. Together they make up a huge canvas depicting a banknote of 1926 with a face value of 1,000 litas. A young architect, Rimas Adomaitis and his team from the RA Studio studio, worked on the creation of the banknote building Office center 1000, or The Banknote Building. It was decided to build such a modern building on the outskirts of the city, so that it does not contrast with the ancient buildings of Kaunas. The official opening of this building took place in 2008. It was timed to an important event for Lithuania - its accession to the European Union. Today there are 2 largest banks in the country. For Kaunas, such a structure has a symbolic significance, because this is the economic heart of the Baltic state.

Building No. 5: Cobra Towers (Kuwait)

Cobra in Arabic culture symbolizes life andwisdom. This image is of great importance for the culture of the countries of the Middle East. Perhaps that is why the architects of Gulf International decided to create a building in Kuwait in the form of two woven cobras. The project is still under development, but its visualizations are already capable of interest and delight. Its construction was planned for 2008, but was suspended due to the global financial crisis. The construction is going to resume in the coming years. Buildings are interesting in that they move in a spiral. That's why there were big arguments about elevators. It is impossible to establish a traditional lifting system here, so the technology was developed that operates on compressed air (on the principle of pneumatic pipe).

Building No. 6: Anara Tower (UAE)

We could not ignore the glorious city of Dubai,Rich in unusual architectural solutions. Here, its turn for construction is waiting for an ambitious project Anara Tower British architectural studio Atkins. It is planned that the building will have 700 floors, and the roof will be decorated with a stylized propeller. Here will be located the office of a large construction company, art gallery, restaurant, luxury hotel and private apartments.

Building No. 7: Piano And Violin Shaped House (China)

We took the seventh position to the house of Piano and ViolinShaped Building. It was designed by experts Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Co. Together with students of the Hephaic University of Technology - future architects. The house is made in the form of a large black piano and a transparent cello, which rests on its musical colleague. Surprising is the fact that these architectural "instruments" are an enlarged copy of a real piano and cello 50 times. More about this building you can read

Building No. 8: Burj Khalifa (UAE)

Talk about the most unusual houses and leave inThe tallest building in the world is simply impossible. Therefore, we bring to your attention the skyscraper Burj Khalifa, which is located in the ultramodern city of Dubai. The building has 163 floors and its height is 828 meters. Impressive! The creation of such an architectural giant came to Adrian Smith (Adrian Smith), who is also the author of the famous skyscraper "Jin Mao" (China). He conceived Burj Khalifa as a city under the roof - with its infrastructure, shops, parks, playgrounds and parking. It cost the construction of this incredible building of 1.5 billion dollars. It was erected by the South Korean company Samsung.

Building number 9: Grand Lisboa (China)

A huge flower shining with gold in the middle of the cityMacau, is the 58-story Grand Lisboa hotel. Its height is 261 m. There are 430 rooms, 15 restaurants, as well as 786 slot machines and 268 gaming tables. Designed flower-building architects Sun Myung (Sun Myung) and Dennis Lau (Dennis Lau). Its construction was completed in 2008, and today this hotel is considered one of the most attractive in Asia.

Building No. 10: Longaberger basket company (USA)

Completes our small review of the house in the form of ... a basket. Yes, yes, it's baskets! This unusual 7-story building is located in Newark, Ohio and is the main headquarters of the American company Longaberger basket company. It is the largest manufacturer of baskets and wickerwork in America. The building was designed and implemented by 2 architectural studios: NBBJ and Korda / Nemeth Engineering. The head of the company Longaberger basket company originally planned to formalize all the buildings of units in the same spirit, but it was too expensive. Agree, this structure looks more than unusual and yet it is advertising.