Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Unusual design: a small and narrow two-story apartment

Маленькая площадь — частая проблема в российских realities. Narrow spaces are also not uncommon. But what if these two problems met in the same apartment? We present you with a noteworthy example from Poland. Narrow corridor, kitchen, bedroom and study? Is it possible to organize a full-fledged space of 14 square meters, where the distance between the walls is only 1.2 meters? Yes, it is possible, and this was proved by the architect from Warsaw Jakub Szczesny. Jakub Szczesny, architect Despite the fact that there is less and less free space for construction, and real estate in big cities is becoming more expensive, such radical decisions are being born. An unusual dwelling is located between two high-rise buildings. Very unexpected and interesting. It has a kitchenette, shower, toilet, bedroom, work area and even a micro loft. This apartment was presented at the WolaArt festival in 2009 as an art object that carries the idea of ​​filling empty spaces and combines the future with the present, architecture, history and fantasy. This project is dedicated to the popular Israeli writer Etgar Keret. The scale of the building, according to the author of the project, corresponds to the genre in which Keret writes. An unusual gift for an extraordinary person!

Without windows and doors

Yes, this apartment looks really unusual.Instead of doors, there is a narrow hatch. The room is designed in such a way that you can only move from one room to another using stairs. This is a small two-storey apartment with very limited space. In order to save space, suspended structures were used in it, tightly fitting to the wall. This option fits perfectly into a minimalist interior. It is also suitable for those people who want to always be in great physical shape. You will not find traditional windows in the apartment either. Daylight enters through the perforated walls. This is how the original lighting system and unusual design turned out. Our opinion: - Walls in a narrow space can create the effect of infinity. To prevent this from happening, they can be separated using vertical and horizontal stripes. Alternatively, use moldings, panels. Or make the lower and upper parts of the wall in different colors.

Creative approach and stylish look

Despite the small area, the room looksstylish and sometimes even fun. A light gray shade is selected as the main color. It is the perfect solution for tight spaces. Designers recommend using a light, cool color palette in such rooms to visually expand it. A bright orange beanbag chair sets a good mood in the apartment. Multicolored small polka dots fill the room with playfulness, dynamics and flirtatiousness. Such accents relieve boredom, look festive and fun. In confined spaces, it is recommended to make small accents on one of the walls so as not to overload it. Then it won't look cramped. The sleeping area and work area were also separated by color accents. Correctly selected textiles and a bright chair do not overload the room. On the contrary, it looks light and airy. In the kitchen, the kettle acts as a bright decorative element. Our opinion: - Small bright polka dots fit perfectly into the pop art style. In such an interior, it is fashionable to use bright plastic furniture and glossy surfaces.

Functionality of the interior

We did not forget about functionality in this project.A drawer was placed under the bed for storing things. The apartment has a small kitchen with cupboards, a mini table and two hanging chairs. There may well be several people here. This option, of course, is more suitable for a temporary stay, as a guest place. Also in this small narrow apartment there was a place for a shower stall combined with a toilet. Our opinion: - In a too narrow room, it is better to visually lower the ceiling so that the impression of a gorge is not created.