Unusual wallpaper with imitation of textures: 12 steep samples -

Do you think that you know everything about wallpaper? We rush you to dissuade a selection of incredible samples of wallpaper that are not similar to themselves. By the way, wall-paper is one of the main trends of 2016

Coat industry every new seasonpresents another surprise. It seems that nothing can surprise us. But no, new models of wallpaper with imitation of textures admire the quality of printing and detailing so much that you start to wonder - and whether you look at the wallpaper.

A couple of years ago, the market came wallpaper with an imitationconcrete, and then it seemed a breakthrough. However, what the designers are doing now, imitating crumbling frescoes, rubbed gilding, bamboo and marble mosaic, gives hope that very soon all of us will witness something so grand that we will long forget the expression "walls under painting" and will again glue the wallpaper .