The interior of a small living room

Tips for decorating a small living room

Today we look at the topic of how smalltransform the living room into a comfortable and spacious. Of course, not everyone has this large room, and its owners want to make this part of the house no less delicate and stylish.

Let's find out how this is possible with 5 simple rules.

1st: light, simple furniture. Take, for example, a linen wardrobe made of dark wood. If you put it in a small room, then even at its expense the space will be cluttered. Therefore, it is advised to choose a white color that has the ease and lightness. The use of reflective surfaces and a coffee table made of glass, as well as mirrors will show it more spacious and a little wider than it actually is. 2nd: vertical lines. For example, it may be a floor lamp, tall vases, floor mirrors and a curtain rod located under the ceiling. Such accents will make the eye rise to the ceiling, and visually elevate it. 3rd: lighting. This applies to both daylight (natural) light and night light. Large bright windows and light curtains on them will do their work during the day. In the evening, the lighting can be not only from the chandelier, even from the sconce and floor lamps. 4th: light colors. They will make the room bigger, and with the help of cold shades - more open. 5th: no mess. All items and clothing should be stored in designated places, because with a small room, if everything is still scattered, it will only become smaller. Purchase ottomans, wicker baskets, and other accessories for storage. So we considered all the main qualities for a guest of small sizes. Your attention a few more photos.