On leave with a clear conscience: 5 ways to take care of plants


Tired every time before vacation to look for trusteesFor your violets? Forget about it: the newest technologies will not allow houseplants to wither from longing. In our article you will find an overview of modern pots with a self-watering holiday like everyone, but it is only quite often this bright time is marred by a sense of guilt due to abandoned representatives of the flora and fauna. And if the animals we usually identify with co-friends and relatives, the plants remain in complete and hopeless solitude. In order to reduce the anguish of our silent pets, and sometimes just save their lives, the most brainy part of the plant breeders created several very interesting devices, with which we will today get acquainted. Pet Plant Pot is just a concept, but alreadypromising. Designer Junyi Heo created a flower pot project based on Tamagotchi. The unit will report the needs and "mood" of the plant, analyzing the temperature, humidity and condition of the soil. Depending on the data received, the corresponding visual signals will be displayed on the LCD-the requirement of watering, sun, shade or petting. The next novelty will put an end to dominancepets over plants. From now on, your rhododendron will no longer come to mute horror when a cat appears, tearing off a precious leaf every day. The thing is, Planbot can walk! Solar panels are installed in the tub, allowing the device to move around the room following the escaping stream of sunlight. Squirrel Self-watering pot Squirrel (Brown-Green) - from 1280 rubles. R. Online store Many people are personally familiar with the Squirrel pot equipped with the simplest self-irrigation device. "Belochka" has been actively sold for a long time. This pot has a double bottom, connected to the ground with a special rope, through which water from the concentrator flows to the roots. The role of the squirrel itself is very simple: when there is enough water in the pot, it looks with interest at the world from its hollow, and as soon as the plant begins to furiously demand watering, the animal hides in horror in the depths of the double bottom. Aqua farm 4500 rub. R. Set for growing plants and caring for fish Another device for admirers of mute pets is the aqua farm. She has many advantages. Firstly, the plant does not need to be watered: the fish will do it for you. Secondly, the aquarium does not need to be cleaned: the plant, overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude, will take on this responsibility. It is especially useful to acquire a closed ecosystem for parents who intend to captivate their offspring with natural science, because a living example is always the best. True, for the duration of your vacation, you will have to transfer the fish to a special, "holiday" type of food that can be bought at a pet store. Self-watering pot r. IKEA The last in our review is the most ascetic device with self-watering. It received, however, the most difficult name - "Grenpeppar". The unit itself is simple to yawn: it is a plastic pot with a double bottom and a symbolic price (249 rubles). However, you should not completely rely on technology, and you still have to work a little bit before leaving.

  • Tighten the curtain more tightly and place the plants on the floor. The less light, the slower the life processes, and hence the water, your green pets will need less.
  • Small plants can be covered with transparent caps or vessels: evaporation will settle on their walls, drain back into the soil and water the plant.
  • Remove the largest leaves.
  • Completely eliminate drafts.
  • Stop fertilizing plants a few weeks before departure.