House and Cottage

The coolest house in Rostov-on-Don -

This steep house is located in Rostov-on-Don, butIf you imagine it in the area of ​​Rublyovo-Uspensky or Novorizhskoe highway, it will still remain steep. Someone may not like architecture and interior of this house, but someone will be delighted. About tastes do not argue, but the fact remains: the house is unrealistically steep. Evgeny Zarodozhny and Oleg Pigulevsky Architectural Studio "Chado". The harsh and concise outlines of the building, the big heavy roof - all this creates a sense of monumentality, static. In this case, the huge windows do not interfere with the view to penetrate into the interior space, exposing the constructions of the building, which are the main aesthetic value. Intentionally underlined structure shows the inner beauty of the building. At first glance, the house may seem tooRestrained and brutal, but it's worth to continue the inspection, and the building begins to unfold: warm colors and laconic forms are reflected in the interior, the facade materials are delicately repeated in the interior and create a single impression. The facade brick emphasizes the texture of the walls and decorates the interior. The abundance of natural materials creates a feeling of calm and comfort. The authors used a complex method of repetitionWood in the decoration of the ceilings, and yet they could not bring a sense of squeezing, but on the contrary - they supported the ambiguous reception of harmony, so the entire interior looks whole and collected. In the project, the architect's work is felt: The proportions of furniture and space are in the mathematical balance. These are not rooms with furniture and not "furniture in the room" - this is a room where the person himself will play the main role. The search for harmony of the environment with respect to the proportions of man is characteristic of the ancient Greek architecture and architecture of Georges Kandilis and his teacher Le Corbusier. The latter revised the decor and abolished it, introduced a proportion to the residential environment and offered their system of proportional relations, which was demonstrated in the project of the architectural studio "Chado". The basis of the color solution is warm, dark shades that create a pleasant and mysterious twilight. In the interior decoration used naturalMaterials that have supported the aesthetics of the house are brick, wood, concrete. The smooth transition of materials forms the integrity of the external and internal space. The brutal aesthetics of the house was also reflected in furniture and equipment, where wood, concrete and glass predominate. Furniture for the project was specially chosen different, massive and very bold in design, from classics and fusion to minimalism with elements of kitsch. - The fact is that the customer wanted very muchTo place on a modest site, and the greatest project complexity was represented by planning. Functional beauty was achieved by greater efforts, - the authors of the project say. In order to arrive at an ideal result,It was decided to develop a piece of furniture specifically for this interior, for example, a TV stand is the author's furniture of the architectural studio "Chado". List of furniture and equipment:

  • Sofa - Flexform;
  • Coffee table - WoodMood;
  • TV stand - "Chado";
  • Dining table - Riva 1920;
  • Chairs - Moooi;
  • Kitchen - Marchie Group;
  • Stairs - Artsynthes;
  • Plumbing - Falper, Hidra Ceramica, Carlo Flattini;
  • Bed - Giusti Portos;
  • Bedside tables - Boca Do Lobo;
  • Mirror - Chelini;
  • Barn loops - Rustica Hardware;
  • Light - Brand van Egmond, Delightfull, LTS, Vibia, Eichholtz.

In the bedroom for granary doors, overhead loops were used, which made it possible to make the door opening process perfectly convenient. Studying this house and its interior arrangement, you can only exclaim: "Guys, you are cool!".