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The easiest way to make a house warm and cozy

Cold? Uncomfortable? Make your interior exceptional, incredibly comfortable and warm! "Dress" furniture and dishes in knitted "outfits", lay a carpet of hand-made on the floor - and your interior will be transformed. We will tell you how to do it. The warm interior is associated with a fireplace, a fluffy carpet, a soft armchair. Is it possible to create such a situation without fire and to "warm" the house with ordinary yarn? We present you five interesting ideas and 30 wonderful examples.

1. Knitted clothes for dishes

Start small:“Put on” cups and teapots in warm “clothes”. This way, your tea or coffee won't cool down quickly during the cold season. If the drink is too hot, the knitted cover will protect your hands and prevent them from getting burned. With knitted pineapple, strawberries or a summer meadow with flowers, bees and various insects, you are guaranteed a great mood. How about such a bright hat with a pompom? For experienced needlewomen to make such productswill not be difficult. For those who still do not know how to knit, it's time to try yourself in the role of a designer. For a stylish look, sew buttons onto the garment. Our opinion: - Acrylic yarn is great for knitted interior items. It is very easy to clean, less durable and inexpensive. Such yarn is quite enough for crockery. Purchase acrylic with added cotton or wool, if desired. But then it is better to use such yarn for knitting blankets, covers, pillows and poufs.

2. Warm lampshades and accessories

When the sun does not spoil with its warmth and rarelylooks into the house, decorate your interior with knitted lampshades. A tied bottle or vase will enhance the effect of heat. When there is no time or desire to knit, use old knitted items. Cut off the sleeves and ... then the flight of imagination is unlimited. "Dress up" table lamps and any decor items in fashionable clothes. Pots with flowers, candles in knitted products look original. Even ordinary pencil jars or glasses can be easily turned into a trendy and stylish accessory.

3. Exclusive pillows and rugs

It is easy to add exclusivity to any interiorthanks to decorative pillows and blankets. And when they are knitted, in cold weather it is an additional bonus: with them the atmosphere in the house becomes warmer. These are versatile pieces that fit in with just about any style. They look especially harmonious in Provence and country styles. Choose a color scheme so that it fits into the overall environment. Objects and things can be in color to match the furniture, decoration. They are also great for the role of bright accents. By the way, decorative pillows can also give a second life to old knitted items. See how you can quickly transform your throw pillow into a cozy, portable chair. In the country, blankets and pillows are simply irreplaceable saviors from the cold.

4. We can do without waist: furniture and pouffes

There are craftsmen who can do completelyknitted piece of furniture. And not only from threads, but you can do with the option with a cover, it is more practical. Old chairs, stools, armchairs and pouffes are easily transformed with thread.

5. Carpets

To make the house really warmer andmore interesting, use knitted rugs on the floor. It is easy for them to find use in any corner of your home. For example, an openwork round rug can become a beautiful addition and softening element of a black and white interior. Even if the carpet is not crocheted, but with thick knitting needles, simple garter stitch, it is easy to find a use for it. Children will be happy to play on such a warm rug. Especially if you attach a knitted original house to it. Our opinion: - All objects and things that we mentioned earlier go perfectly with knitted rugs. These can be soft blankets, decorative pillows, poufs, chair covers, vases and containers for things. It is very easy to fill the house with warmth and create interesting compositions thanks to knitted items and decorative elements. It will always be pleasant and warm for you to be in such a cozy interior.,,,,,,,,,