With your own hands

A vintage globe with your own hands. Master Class


Globe in the interior sets the atmosphere of adventure,Intrigues and new discoveries. A vintage globe is also a stylish note that will make the room interesting. Especially if you paint it in white and mark places of future travel on it. To make the globe look special, expressive and fit into a light interior, it can easily change its appearance to a vintage one. How can I do that? We look in our master class.

What you need:

  • globe;
  • Paint is white;
  • Pencil simple;
  • brush;
  • A coal pencil;
  • Spray sealant;
  • Ink sponges;
  • eraser.


To begin with, the globe must be separated from the base. If you can not disassemble it, then you will need an adhesive tape to avoid staining the base and the frame with paint.


So, take a brush, white paint and paint along the line of the equator.


After the globe has dried, take a simple pencil and circle the contours of the continents of the world. Remember the lessons of geography and contour maps.


To the globe looked spectacular, in addition circle all the lines with a pencil.


Now you will need an eraser. Slightly shade them all the lines drawn along the contour (not across). So the globe will get a more elegant vintage look.


To protect the lines from spreading, spray on the entire area of ​​the globe. Let it dry up.


Set the globe on the base with the frame (or remove the adhesive tape if you used it). It seems that everything, but you can make a couple of strokes that will make it special ...


The final chord in the design of the globe will beYour color label. For example, there, where you dream to go. Roll your fingers into ink sponges (choose color as you wish) and leave your fingerprints on the globe where you want. The result is a stylish globe that fits easilyinto a light interior. If you add a vintage suitcase, wooden spools and any animal figures to the space, the atmosphere in the apartment will take on an adventurous character. mrkate.com