Decorate the wall with your own hands: home decor

Naked walls in an apartment or house lookunpresentable, dull, uncomfortable. Modern trends in interior design and do not provide for the presence in a residential building of empty walls. How to decorate the wall with your own hands? First you need to come up with the main idea of ​​the decor, its mood. To become a designer for your home is very simple with minimal building and repair skills and even with their complete absence, the main thing is to show creativity and patience. Interior wall decorButterflies should be contrasted with the main color of the walls.

About butterflies, hearts and plates

Wall decoration with butterflies, birds, flowershas been a design trend for several years. As experts assure, this method is especially relevant in small rooms, where visual expansion of space is required. To make decor elements, with the use of which the decoration will be performed, you will need: Scheme of using a multicolor stencil.

  • cardboard or heavy paper;
  • foil;
  • colored polyethylene film;
  • beads, rhinestones;
  • scissors;
  • A glue-pencil, a clerical glue or glue "Moment";
  • simple pencil.

Butterfly contours are penciled on cardboardor thick paper. The stencil is cut out, then with its help they make foil and polyethylene film of butterflies. To decorate the decor elements, beads or rhinestones are used. Once the butterflies are ready, they are fixed with glue on the wall. A similar algorithm is used in the manufacture of birds and flowers. As for the color solution, there are no single canons here. Some designers advise that the butterflies are contrasted with the main color of the walls, others - black or white. Still others recommend that the wall and the elements attached to it be decorated in a single color solution. If you need to decorate the wall above the bed, the classics for all time are decorative scarlet hearts, they can be made from the same materials using a similar technology. How to give an element of decor volume, if the heart is made of paper? First, with the help of scissors, an incision is made, the paper is gently squeezed into the central part, and then the halves of the decor element are glued together. To perform this operation, an ordinary glue-pencil is quite suitable. If operations are carried out using foil, craftsmen usually recommend "Moment". For wall decoration it is recommended to useporcelain, faience, plastic plates. How to decorate a wall with plates? Plastic, porcelain, faience elements of the decor do not go out of fashion interior design. In this operation there is nothing complicated. For it you will need:

  • plates, which plan to decorate the wall;
  • liquid Nails;
  • simple pencil or chalk.

This wall decoration technique is consideredclassic. However, before decorating the surface of the walls with plates, it is better to sketch out a plan of the approximate arrangement of things on paper. Then, using a simple pencil or chalk, mark on the wall the places where the plates will be attached, and then proceed to glue them. It must be remembered: decorating walls using plates will look good if the decor items are on the same line. The center of the composition can be a large plate. There is another option: instead of it, place a photo in a round frame. This will add originality to the classic design solution. Back to the table of contents</a>

About disks and wires

Scheme of weaving discs for decorating the wall. Decor objects can perform not only an aesthetic role, but also become functional. Why decorate the surface of the walls? Is it just to give them an original look? It is often enough to decorate the walls with your own hands, it is necessary to hide the flaws of the surfaces and to shift the design accents. For the simplest solution of the problem you need:

  • old CDs;
  • postcards;
  • liquid nails and glue "Moment";
  • paints;
  • brushes.

The technology of making decor elements is verysimple: before decorating the surface, the discs are painted or pasted on the front side with old postcards. When they are placed on the wall surface, the same rule applies as for the plates. Decoration of the walls with discs will be especially effective in combination with wall lighting. But here you must take into account the nuance: the lamp and discs, with whose help the walls are decorated with their own hands, should be stylistically combined with each other. One of the complex issues of modern interior design is the disguise of wires. If there are many of them and there is no possibility to decorate the walls with their own hands, then the wires themselves can be used as an element of decor. Violating the rules of fire safety is impossible, as are the requirements for the operation of electrical appliances, but no instruction prohibits the decoration of wires under climbing plants. To perform such decoration of the walls, you will need:

  • colored decorative adhesive tape;
  • scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • chalk or simple pencil.

Using scissors from adhesive tape, we cut outfigures of birds, flowers, leaves - and the decoration of the walls is ready. Before starting the fixing of wires, the surfaces are marked with a ruler, a simple pencil or a chalk. Once one element is cut, it immediately fixes the wire on the wall - and the problem is solved. The main thing - before decorating the walls with your own hands, do not forget to calculate the ratio of the length of the wires and the distance to the outlet, so as not to leave home appliances without power supply, being carried away by designer innovations. Back to contents</a>

How to deal with corners?

Variants of the correct placement of panel elements. Many owners of houses and apartments, who once decorated the surface of the walls, consider the angles to be the most difficult part in decorating. Professional designers share this point of view and offer their solutions. They will help to decorate the surface of the walls with their own hands:

  • angular photographs;
  • baguettes;
  • tile;
  • decorative rock;
  • wooden shelves.

The listed elements of decor can be combinedwith a friend or use separately. To the corner decorated with even the most familiar photos, you will need to place them unusually on this section of the walls. Frames are better to choose the same in color and texture, but different in size. A stylish design is considered stylish, when the adjacent frames with photos form a pyramid or diamond. To attach frames to the surface of the walls with your own hands, liquid nails are used, and for marking you will need a ruler, chalk or a simple pencil. Back to contents</a>

About photos, mirrors and murals

Decorating the wall with your own hands usingphotos - the process is creative, but there are also several rules that can help avoid common mistakes. Black-and-white and color photos together rarely look harmonious, because it makes sense to place them on different walls. If you decide to place them next, you will need painstaking work on the selection of frames. Modern interior design offers for such cases to choose white frames that are made of natural wood or imitating its surface materials, glass. Mirrors are a necessary piece of furniture. In the wall room you can decorate yourself with your own hands and with the help of mirrors. A very important point here is also the selection of frames. Near the mirrors you can place and embroidered paintings. If you left behind the repair of the colorful remains of wallpaper and a bit of glue, you can with their application to make a composition for the walls with their own hands. In the central part of it, place a mirror attached to the wall with liquid nails. And one more important nuance: deciding to decorate the walls with your own hands using mirrors, you must correctly calculate the number of mirror surfaces you need. Immediately need to clarify: for a children's room such a design solution is absolutely not suitable, but for a bedroom, living room, hallway, one has to provide for it and one large mirror. The most fashionable element of the decor is the painting of walls, a suitable pattern can be chosen for any style of interior, at any time, the image can be replaced. Perform painting simply, if you buy special stencils. In addition to them, you will need:

  • putty;
  • plaster;
  • primer;
  • acrylic paints;
  • varnish;
  • putty knife;
  • roller;
  • brushes;
  • spray;
  • simple pencil.

First of all, they put the walls in order. They remove the old plaster. The surfaces are repainted, primed, plastered. Then, using a simple pencil on a dried surface, markings are made and then the image is applied with acrylic paints. To keep the painting as long as possible, after drying with a soft brush or spray, the wall is opened with a varnish. </ ul>