Organization of space

Warm balcony: how to equip an additional room

The balcony is worth more, and in reality itcan much more than you think. Today we list the main steps to the new life of your balcony and even give some practical advice from experts. Now you will succeed!

We will never tire of telling you. Consider that our editorial office wants to save all the balconies of this world from slavery. And it's worth it! Believe me, when you first have a cup of coffee, sitting on a cozy little chair and peering into a familiar landscape, but now a completely different landscape, you will thank us for the aching back, for the sawdust, and for the tiresome search for that table, pillows, floor lamps, etc.

But where do I start? 1. Unloading

Before you understand, it must be cleared ofexcess. More specifically, you will need to find a new place to store everything you need and the strength to get rid of what you are most likely not needed anymore. 2. The idea

It's time to dream about what you are missing. Perhaps you like to drink an English hour with a bergamot and in silence think about the eternal, read in seclusion, work at the computer, lounging in a pile of pillows. The options for transforming the balcony mass, everything depends entirely on you. So, we decided, the next step is to decide how much of the existing furniture and furnishings, if any, should be left, recycled or slightly improved.

It is also the best moment to think about glazing the balcony. Ekaterina Avsatova, Eurostyle Service:

- It is not necessary to save when choosing a profile system and it is desirable to install at least a two-chamber energy-saving glass unit.

Do not forget to warn the window specialistthe company about the further warming and re-equipment of the balcony. Why is this necessary? The master must calculate the size and location of the window so that there is enough room for ceiling / wall covering above the window and between the windows and the walls. Then the master will be able to make the correct calculation and will also include in the order special expanders - bars for the sidewalls and the window space.

If this is not done, after installationstructures and insulation, you run the risk of remaining with non-opening flaps. Tatyana Serova, "Windows in the house": - We offer step by step instructions for turning a cold ledge on the outside wall of the house into a cozy living room. Step 1. Glaze your balcony with reliable PVC windows. It is best to pay attention to the most modern designs, such, for example, as Rehau Intelio. The characteristics of this profile system are impressive. Windows can be equipped with a conventional double-glazed window (single-chamber or two-chamber) or energy-saving Solar glass with a silver coating that will not release domestic heat in the winter, and in summer will not allow excessive heat to enter the room. Step 2. Undoubtedly insulate the outer walls of the balcony, the ceiling and the floor. You will definitely need a reliable heat and vapor barrier, for example, covering the interior with modern materials, such as foam foil (vapor barrier) and foam foam (thermal insulation). Step 3. Organize the heating. Do not forget that even very well insulated walls and warm windows are not heaters, that is, they can not heat a room themselves. You will need a heating battery or warm floors. To carry the battery to the balcony you need to obtain permission from the management organization. Warm floors of permits do not require and, evenly distributing the rising heat throughout the room, will allow to turn the balcony into a living room. 3. Finishing

can seem something monstrously complex andexpensive, but it's far from the case. For example, boring all the wagon can be decorated with a fairly simple, but spectacular techniques - to paint in your favorite shade, several boards at the same time to cast gold paint from the can. Another option is to choose a calm pastel shade for the background and create a geometric pattern with a paint tape and contrasting colors.

Still it is possible to wash walls and a floor to bare concrete, to lay natural mats and to arrange on a balcony a loft. Best of all, this option is suitable for the arrangement of an art workshop. 4. Furniture

Balcony is a specific place: a tiny room that is perceived as only half internal. Here you can safely use outdoor furniture, however, you will have to select models in mini versions - tables for a couple of cups, chairs for which you can not climb with your feet, etc. There are also more simple options: mattresses, pillows, chair-bags. The ideal option - custom-made furniture. 5. Light

Lighting is an essential component in anyspace, and the balcony is no exception. To conduct electricity here will be absolutely superfluous, in this case you can change the fixtures even every week. If you do not bother with this, pick high multi-level candlesticks for large candles, but be careful, it's still an open fire. 6. Decor

Pots with flowers, bonsai, "living walls", panelsfrom the moss, framed in the frames of the herbarium, vases with flowers - here are ideas for decoration with the help of only plants. Imagine what you can do with photos, for example. However, we advise you to pay attention to such a thing as functional decor - beautiful, but practical things.