What will make the house royally luxurious: fabrics from Designers Guild


Dreaming of a royal interior with silkcurtains, embroidered with gold threads? Do you want to create a palace atmosphere? Today we will tell you how to do it together with a new collection of royal fabrics of the famous brand. Literally one of these days, a new collection of unique fabrics has entered the chain of Manders wall decor stores. In the literal sense of the royal. Over its creation, the Designers Guild team, led by designer Tricia Guild, worked as the founder of this brand.

the Royal Castle

Collection James is named after the famous English castle, which is considered the oldest in the UK. It was built in 1531-1536 and by the order of King Henry VIII became the official residence for many generations of members of the royal family.

Touching History

Since Designers Guild is a childan enterprise of The Royal Collection of Fabrics and Wallpapers, which, unlike other companies, has access to the residences of the British royal family, the designers were given the opportunity to visit this castle in order to experience the real palace atmosphere. They walked through the chambers in which the most important historical events once took place. They were able to touch the objects of the Tudor era and contemplate the graceful decor of walls, fireplaces, furniture, a collection of portraits of royalty. All this is reflected in the spirit of the St. James and harmoniously integrated into the trends that are relevant in design today.

Luxury and gloss

The designers decided that damask and silkembroidered fabrics, velvet jacquard and brocade perfectly reflect and convey the atmosphere that they managed to feel in the oldest castle in England. In addition to these textiles, there are companion fabrics (plain). These are soft wool flannel, raw silk and dense corduroy. Our opinion: - If you decide to decorate your interior in a classic or English style, then you should definitely pay attention to St. James. For example, the lines Tudor Trellis, Henry Brocatelle or Kensington Brocade, inspired by the ceremonial costumes of Henry VIII. They feature intricate embroidery and traditional Tudor ornaments. Flora lovers will surely like the lines Court Flower, Windsor Great Park and St. George. They are replete with floral motifs and delicate patterns. To create a special, luxurious environment, by the way, textiles from the lines of Holyrood, Stuart Damask, Boleyn, Savigny will come in handy. A strict and restrained interior will turn out if you use Wessex, Regent Taffeta and Barathea fabrics. They are very elegant and pleasing to the eye.

In contrast

As for the shades, here you can meetsaturated colors of dark wood, juicy pomegranate, mysterious sapphires and tourmalines. They are advantageously shaded with silver, gold, cool tones of natural flax and ivory. And all the textiles, presented in the collection, complement each other in terms of color.

Where can I buy?

In Russia, new fabrics from the collection of St.James is officially represented in the Manders store chain. Many are accustomed to believe that the range of this company includes only wallpapers of British brands. In fact, the choice of finishing materials at Manders is much wider, for example, you can find tiles, textiles, cornices and plaster moldings from brands such as Little Greene, Sanderson, Bradite, Paint Library, Designers Guild, Farrow & Ball. Our opinion: - The palace style of the interior is not suitable for all spaces. It looks more advantageous in large spaces, in rooms that are not limited by square meters. This is due to the use of massive furniture, many decorative elements (for example, such as stucco molding), works of art, multi-layer long curtains. Photo courtesy of Asya Shestakova