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What to do in August: 5 things to do in the house by autumn

So that the autumn did not attack you from around the corner, to herworth preparing in advance. Autumn is not the most fun time of the year: rains, slush, end of holidays and vacations ... However, with proper preparation and this time can become pleasant.

1. Prepare for home meals

Even the most ordinary breakfast turns intoan event if it is served outdoors. Now you will have to return to your native walls again, and so that this transition does not become a disappointment, it is worth working in the kitchen: hang new curtains in juicy shades (autumn is a craftswoman to throw up dark days); change the ceiling lamp to a more comfortable one (for example, with a knitted shade); lay a new tablecloth and buy fresh flowers more often. But even if you spent the whole summer in the city and in your favorite kitchen did not particularly suffer from a deficit of positive emotions, with the arrival of the first showers and morning fog, your mood may deteriorate, so any positive changes will be beneficial (even within the walls of a city apartment).

2. Prepare the hallway

Soon I'll have to put on rubber boots, andthen you need to replace the cute green carpet with a rubber mat. No, not right now, but put it closer or just under your current rug so you don't have to look for it all over the house later. Also, it will not be superfluous to get demi-season shoes: with our weather anomalies, boots may be needed tomorrow. Another way to keep clean at the beginning of the rainy season is to prepare a small, low (up to 5 cm) box with stones (it is better to use pebbles, but ordinary rubble will do): you will put wet or dirty shoes in it. Attention! The last tip is suitable only for the laziest, those who prefer to postpone washing their shoes until later. Well, for families with children.

3. Update the photo gallery

Leave memories of summer and holidays, not only in memory, but also on the walls. New photos will refresh the interior and for a long time will give pleasant memories.

4. Go through the wardrobe

Many summer things you probably already do notThey will be necessary, they can be completely removed until next year and make room for the autumn ones. In addition, now is the time to put things in order, because soon enough clothes will be more: jeans, vests, sweaters, cardigans, socks, belts, scarves, hats ... Are you sure that all this will fit? No? Then start cleaning.

5. Clean the kitchen

Have you often baked this summer? Hardly. But with the advent of autumn you probably want to do it. So, now is the time to clean the oven (and at the same time the hob and apron). And it is also appropriate to wash the refrigerator. And unfreeze it if it is required. Since you are so broke up, maybe at the same time stick labels on containers with spices? It's a good idea, and you yourself probably intended to do it for a long time.,,,,,