Which fixtures will be fashionable this year: 5 main trends 2016 -


Want to buy the most fashionable chandelier? In this material, we will talk about trends, some of which are just beginning, and some have lived and been alive for several years

Lighting is a key architectural feature and together withthe interior element of any home. Interior lighting trends are changing at the same speed that fashion designers create new collections. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this - the chandelier is not a sofa, it can be changed at least every quarter. But we have prepared this material not at all for "fashion maniacs" reacting to any manifestation of new trends - this article is for those who are planning to purchase a new lamp in the near future and want to navigate the current market offers. 1. Cozy industrial

Loft wins more and more every dayPopularity, but his frank brutality is not liked by everyone. Those of us who would like to see elements of this style in their interior, but in a more relaxed version, can rejoice - in the market appeared lamps that combine the coarseness of materials and the comfort of forms in the style of a farmhouse. 2. Steel trees

Among the model range of leading manufacturersInterior lighting more often you can see metal ceiling lights, associated with someone with the skeletons of trees, someone with the circulatory system. 3. Shades of light

Do you like light music? Then this trend is for you. Everything that can change color - according to your desire or according to your own understanding - is now especially important. 4. Geometry

This trend has settled in the market for severalSeasons ago, but still relevant. The main advantage of such fixtures is the minimalist and democratic design, which means they will perfectly fit into the most diverse interiors. 5. Inspired by nature

Most creative people are inspired byFirst of all by nature, therefore, to find a lamp that resembles one or another object of living nature, it certainly will not work, but in any case - a successful hunt.