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Than to surprise on March, 8th: 10 gifts for women


What to give a woman for a holiday on March 8? Many believe that only flowers, attention and decorations are enough. To better understand this issue, we conducted a survey among female stars and that's what they found out. What do women want? This issue is always worried about men, especially on the eve of the March 8 holiday. We conducted a survey among successful and famous women and found out what they want to receive gifts, except for flowers and ornaments.

1. Gabriella Da Silva (Gabriella Da Silva), the singer

All the women we interviewed turned out to betrue home keepers who strive to make their interior more comfortable and interesting. For example, the Brazilian singer Gabriella Da Silva, who now lives in Russia, herself is very fond of remodeling and decorating her own interiors. She recently finished renovating her bedroom, and now she wants to complement the room with a graphic poster, a painting in black and white, or a vase. We will remind, Gabriella moved to Russia several years ago. Before that, she had already become famous in her native Brazil, where she bore the title of "Best Voice of Rio de Janeiro". In Russia, she became a finalist of the "New Wave", received recognition from the then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and took part in "Dancing with the Stars." Gabriella Da Silva, singer: - I just finished my bedroom renovation. It is made in gray-silver tones. For the sake of completeness, a large black-and-white picture or a photo above the bed is not enough. I still can't choose. In general, I really love large designer vases. They are well suited for suburban life. I love doing interior design myself. I recently returned from a vacation I spent in Rio de Janeiro and brought a lot of furnishings for my summer patio. I can't wait to equip everything - I'm really looking forward to summer! I think I have good taste.

2. Liliana-Victoria Alibasova, actress

It turns out that famous and successful women are notLuxurious gifts are always needed. For example, Liliana-Victoria Alibasova - theater and film actress, presenter, wife of Bari Alibasov - said that she wants to receive attention and a small interior accessory on March 8. Reference: Liliana-Victoria Alibasova is a graduate of the VTU named after V.I. B. Shchukin. The actress is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Has extensive experience in theater, film and television. Liliana-Victoria Alibasova, actress: - The most important thing is attention, which we all lack in this life's race. Warmth, attention and care of loved ones is the most expensive gift! I vividly remember March 8 from my childhood, the morning when I woke up, and on the pillow was a gift from my dad - a huge bouquet of fragrant tulips and a box with a beautiful pin cushion. Now I do not have enough to be happy just to have my dad by my side. I would like to receive a small pin cushion as a present that could decorate my interior.

3. Elena Yurgeneva, leading expert in the field of elite real estate

Elena Yurgeneva is an expert in the fieldluxury real estate. She was one of the first in Russia who stood at the origins of this business. Her opinions and comments often grace the pages of business magazines, television and radio programs. What does a woman who daily deals with the most luxurious apartments and mansions in the world want to receive as a gift? Elena Yurgeneva, Regional Director of the Elite Residential Real Estate Department, Knight Frank Russia & CIS: - I thought for a long time: what do I want to receive as a gift? I probably need a 30 square meter dressing room and a yoga and dance gym of about the same size. Ready to accept as a gift, without even waiting for March 8! The rest is already there ...

4. Elena Chekalova, journalist and culinary expert

Elena Chekalova is happy and successfula woman - she has two already grown children, her loving husband Leonid Parfyonov, her own restaurant "Let's go", a culinary blog and a program on Channel One. In her opinion, it is not necessary to give a woman something expensive. The main thing, according to Elena, is the attention of loved ones, which can be expressed in completely different ways. Elena Chekalova, journalist: - I think that successful women, like all other women in the world, dream of love. And what does a successful woman mean? Isn't just a mother of two successful? So, probably, there is a need to see the manifestations and signs of this love - from her husband, from children, from colleagues. And what do the signs of love mean? This is something special, made especially for you.

5. Dilyara Lupenko, head of the Internet project Style Me Up

Today Dilyara Lupenko is the headown Internet project Style Me Up. It is a playground for young designers who create jewelry and accessories by hand. But not so long ago, Forbes Woman wrote that Dilyara was the executive director of Aquaton, Roca Group. As Dilyara herself admitted to us, she reached the heights in the financial field and after the birth of a child decided to take up her own business, as they say - for the soul. You will definitely not surprise Dilyara with jewelry, but she would not refuse a new set of dishes. Dilyara Lupenko, head of the Internet project Style Me Up: - I would be very happy to receive a service or a tea set from the Imperial Porcelain Factory on March 8. You want to collect such dishes and pass them on to your children over time.

6. Evgenia Shokhin, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Business of Russia"

Yevgeniya Shokhina, Candidate of Political Science,who is also the president of the RSPP Business School and the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Business Russia", said that her living space is arranged taking into account the interests of children. By the way, Evgenia is expecting her fourth baby. She shared how her interior is arranged, and also told about her wishes for March 8. Evgenia Shokhina, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Business of Russia": - Our living space with my husband, however, like life itself, is completely subordinated to the interests of children. Therefore, when planning a new home, we gave them most of the space. Although I am not a bore, I love order, so all things in the house are very practical: if the sofa is a folding one, if a children's bed - then with a box for toys, if a wardrobe - then up to the ceiling, so that things are not lying around. We moved recently, but we already managed to arrange everything and bring comfort (even as a child, I knew how to arrange paradise in huts, even without having a loved one). The only thing that has not yet reached our hands is to the carpets. It seems to me that if we are talking about a high-quality expensive carpet, then it will turn out to be a really good gift not only for a successful woman on March 8, but also for other good people.

7. Ksenia Yukhananova, journalist

Marvelous:Ksenia Yukhananova, who has been involved in PR for such famous fragrances as Issey Miyake, Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier, Narciso Rodriguez for more than 10 years, dreams of a dressing table. She admitted that she was jealous of her daughter and told what else she would like to get on March 8, in addition to the female piece of furniture. Ksenia Yukhananova, journalist: - March 8 is a favorite and long-awaited holiday. The day when you always have a bouquet of flowers on your table. The day when even on the street men smile and compliment you. And, of course, on this day you are waiting for some miracle, it is about to happen, and the gift of a dream will be presented at your feet. What does the girl dream about? For example, I would very much like to receive two things as a gift: an elegant dressing table and a canvas painting that matches my dreams. A dressing table is such a cute corner that belongs only to you, and when you spend time around it, this is your time, even if you just put a puff on your nose. I think this is an absolutely wonderful piece of furniture, which, as it seems to me, is necessary for every girl. My daughter, for example, has her own little dressing table and, by the way, it is popular. They don't let me into the holy of holies. As for the painting, I would like a delicate large canvas that could be hung in the bedroom. It would be a reflection of my dream. Perhaps the Paris of distant times in the haze of rain, or the lavender field of Provence, or, on the contrary, bright sunflowers in the south of Spain. And then, it seems to me, the room will sparkle with hitherto unknown colors.

8. Alena Kogotkova, food blogger

Alena Kogotkova is a virtuoso blogger.Her blog is about food. Moreover, the author not only writes about her, but also personally creates delicious masterpieces, which he immediately hurries to photograph and show to his readers. It is not surprising that a woman who cannot imagine her life without a kitchen wants to transform her beloved space. So, Alena Kogotkova does not mind if she is presented with a set of beautiful dishes. Alena Kogotkova, culinary blogger, food photographer, food stylist: - I want porcelain on March 8! I endlessly love beautiful dishes and I am even happy with a pair of tea like a child.

9. Love Shell, managing partner of Briare

Every day, Love Shell deals with the mostunusual and expensive handmade furniture. Such items are made of precious woods, with inserts of precious metals and fine artful painting. And oddly enough, but Love herself wants to receive another piece of furniture on March 8! Lubov Schell, Managing Partner of the Exclusive Furniture and Interior Design Department: - We produce luxury furniture designed by the best designers. Each thing is made in a single copy and is never repeated. Each sketch is made for each customer individually, taking into account not only the most fashionable world trends, but also the individual wishes of the future owner, his tastes and his personal comfort and convenience. As for me, I am also a connoisseur of everything beautiful, and beautiful furniture inspires me. Such furniture can not only decorate your home for years, aging beautifully, but also be passed on from generation to generation, accumulating the energy of your kind. This is really great! As a gift, I would like to receive a French-style wardrobe or chest of drawers, always with a painting. Looking at such a thing, it will be pleasant for me to imagine every time that in many, many years, my granddaughter will keep her dresses and dreams in it.

10. Vasilina Denisenko, Director and Teacher of the School of Foreign Languages ​​"Derzhava"

Since childhood, Vasilina Denisenko was carried awaylearning languages. Every year, love for them became more and more, and after graduating from school, Vasilina entered the Russian State Pedagogical University. Yesenin, where she was educated at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. She speaks French, German and Spanish. And in 2008 she created her own school of foreign languages ​​in Moscow, which works according to the method of intensive language learning developed by Vasilina Denisenko. When we asked her a question about the gift, this is what we heard in response. Vasilina Denisenko, director and teacher of the Derzhava school of foreign languages: - Honestly, I did not even think about what I would like to receive as a gift on March 8. Now I'm more concerned about the transformation of my office. But after a little reflection, I realized that my interior lacks a mirror, for example, from Gianfranco Ferre Home.