Which door to choose: type of box, heat and sound insulation

The front door is the main door in the apartmentor a private house, since it is she who protects owners and their material values ​​from robbers. Therefore, this design must necessarily be strong and durable. However, it should be remembered that the door is also an element of the interior, therefore it is important to take care that it harmoniously fits into the existing style. To determine which door to choose for a private house or apartment, you will need to understand the existing features of such a design. Entrance doorWhen buying an entrance door, pay attention tothe quality of the fabric, the reliability of the product, the possibility of external monitoring, as well as heat and noise insulation. To date, there are quite a number of different companies on the market that offer products from the world's best manufacturers of front doors. In the process of choosing a company, it is important to pay attention not only to the cost of construction, but also to the availability of additional services that can be included in the cost. Sometimes it happens that a budget company can be the most expensive, as customers will need to pay extra for almost everything.

Which entrance doors to choose for an apartment or a private house?

Input structures can be made of woodor metal. In addition to the quality of the fabric, the reliability of the product is determined by the availability of protection from ordinary or "smart" hacking, the possibility of external surveillance, as well as heat and noise insulation. First of all, the choice must be made on the basis of how much money can be given for the front door. People who live in luxury apartments or private homes, in most cases install armored doors. For an ordinary statistical family, a door made of wood or thin metal can be sufficient. The most popular door trim options. To date, most often installed products made of steel or MDF. Such designs can easily be found in ordinary building supermarkets or in a specialized company. The latter option is more preferable, since in this case it will be possible to make the correct installation and measurement of dimensions before installation. It should be understood that if the door is not installed correctly, its quality will deteriorate, as it will not be able to perform its functions. Almost ¼ of all crimes are associated with illegal entry into an apartment or private house. It should be understood that the doors, which are absolutely inaccessible to robbers, do not exist on sale. Experienced robbers are armed not only with simple tools: as the technology of production of entrance doors improves, their criminal skills are also modernized. However, the more difficult it will be to open the installed structure, the more time it will take to robbers to penetrate the dwelling. Consequently, the chance that the attackers want to deal with such an object is reduced. For such people, speed is very important. Each extra second, which is spent on breaking the door, is an extra risk. However, even if they decide to hack the product, there will be a high chance that, as long as the burglars will mess with the lock and loops, they will be noticed by neighbors. Back to contents</a> Quality of door leaf and hinges The assembly scheme of the door frame consisting of a boxwith the dash and clypeus. There are 2 options for making the door box - complex and simple. It is more preferable to choose a complex method, since in this case it is possible to obtain a single monolithic construction in which there are no welds. You should know that the welding seam is a weak point in all existing systems. First of all, the reliability of this design is determined by the quality of the door leaf, hinges and locks. The most reliable designs of this type are made of steel. The greater the thickness of the steel sheet, the stronger the door will be. It is much more difficult to break open doors of large thickness. The thickness of the steel sheet should be more than 1.5 mm. However, the strength of the product is given not so much by the sheet as by the internal construction. Reliable will be the door, which has a large number of stiffeners. The ribs can be exceptionally horizontal or exclusively vertical, however, it is recommended to use a combined rib system, in which the verticals are complemented by horizontal ones. The diagram of the section of door frames of different types. It is necessary to pay attention to the hinges of the entrance doors. They can be disguised and external. It is best to use disguised, as they will not be able to cut down - and that's exactly how robbers often break open doors. If the design is supplied with pins against dismantling, it does not matter at all from which side the hinges are located. This door can not be opened even if the hinges are cut. Accordingly, in the block of the door should be located protection elements - camouflaged hinges, platbands, porches and pins against dismantling. Back to contents</a> What should be the door lock? Do not forget about the castle. According to the type of fastening, locks are mortise and overhead. In the process of choosing a lock, remember that there are several types of locks that are intended for materials of different types. Some manufacturers can offer a lock for each of the door models, which was designed specifically for it. In most cases, the most unreliable locks are universal type. Diagram of a door lock with a protective panel. It is recommended to install at least a few locks of different design - for example, cylinder and toggle. The Grand Castle will protect against robbers who rely on brute force. The design of a cylinder lock of a small thickness is able to protect an apartment or a private house from intellectual hacking, since picking a master key to it is very difficult. Several locks of different types will complement each other, and the break-in time will increase significantly. In this case, the door will be almost impregnable. However, you can use one lock - it must be strong and must have a complex design. Modern multifunctional devices in most cases have all these qualities. Today, there are also two- and three-cylinder devices, which involve the use of several keys at one time. High level of reliability have smartlocks. Such adaptations are locks with computer-type encoding. Their drawback is the use of electrical power. It should be noted that in the event that electricity is lost, the smartlock will work for several days. After that, it can be used as an ordinary lock. Internal locks will allow owners of apartments or private houses not to be afraid of the night penetration of robbers. To protect the locks from knocking out, there is an opportunity to purchase a bronenaglade additionally. Quite often used and special bolt-deviators, which are used to protect the fabric of the product from bending. Back to contents</a> Type of box, heat and sound insulation of doors The scheme of the insulated entrance door. During the selection of the design, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of box. To date, there are the following types: Israeli, Russian and Italian. The Israeli method involves the use of a crimping box, which is inserted into the wall and poured with a concrete mixture. Russian technology implies the use of a box, which is fixed by means of special pins. Such fastening elements are inserted into the eyelets - special plates with holes. In order to secure the pins securely, the gaps need to be filled with construction foam. In the process of using the Italian method, 2 boxes are mounted: one - roughing, and the other - fastened on the screws over the first. The Italian box allows you to hide the unevenness of the opening, because it is recommended to use it. It is important to pay attention to the heat and sound insulation of the doors. In this case, you should know that the fillers used should be non-flammable, non-toxic and light in weight. Filler for the interior of the structure can be mineral wool, foam, foam, bars, sawdust or paper. The best material is polystyrene foam, since this material will not absorb moisture. In addition, it is resistant to burning. Back to contents</a> Which manufacturers are recommended to choose doors? Doors of Italian origin arereliable and durable. Doors made of steel have been in high demand for quite some time. That is why today the market of quality entrance structures for private houses or apartments is wide, like never before. Several years ago, the doors of Italian and German production were in great demand, but at the moment the doors of Russian production, which are designed according to European technologies, are in demand. Such models are created taking into account the realities of Russia, in terms of quality they are not worse than European analogues. In most cases, these components use components that are manufactured in Italy. It is most preferable to purchase doors directly from the manufacturer - a large number of factories have showrooms and shops on the Internet. The scheme of the door is of Russian origin. Italian technology produces exceptionally high-quality products. They are produced in Russian factories of large sizes, in the production process, all technical regulations and rules are observed. As a result, in terms of quality and reliability, these doors can compete with European models, but their cost is much lower. The advantages of Russian products include the fact that these designs can be made to order. If the door opening is wider than the standard one, then it is possible to choose a suitable variant from existing models. In this case, it is also possible to make the construction according to the requirements of the owner. Back to contents</a> Details on the design of the entrance doors Design isan important element of any door made of steel, plastic or wood. To date, for the implementation of external and internal decoration, various materials are used in terms of quality, cost and appearance. The door can be broken or glued. Some of the materials can improve the characteristics of thermal insulation, while others are used to increase sound insulation performance. In some cases, materials are used solely to improve the appearance of the structure. Finishing materials in this case can be as follows: During the installation of doors may need a chisel, level, cork,

  • imitation leather;
  • vinilskozha;
  • wooden panels;
  • plywood sheets;
  • plastic;
  • MDF.

Doors need to be chosen for the style of a private house orapartments. The design of the entrance door must match the design of the hallway, as this construction is a continuation of the building. In the process of buying a door, you need to pay attention to the design and quality of the fittings. It will depend on the appearance of the structure. Budget accessories have a negative impact on the overall impression. In the selection of finishing materials, it is worth paying attention to the peculiarities of caring for it. The door should be comfortable to use and do not require constant care. Back to contents</a>

Which interior doors are best to choose in an apartment or a private house?

One of the main elements of the interior isinterior door. It should combine two important indicators - quality and design. The use of quality glass guarantees the door an excellent appearance and uniqueness. It will be necessary to pay attention to the following: In the process of choosing the interior door, you need to pay attention to the painting and color, which should be uniform, deep and clean.

  • The interior door must be made ofenvironmentally friendly materials. You can use materials from solid wood or natural veneer. In addition, the door must be covered with high-quality varnish, which is not capable of harming human health. A good and expensive varnish will serve for a very long time, will not lose its appearance and properties. In addition, this mixture can provide strength and protection of the door. To check the quality of the varnish, you need to press the nail on the structure. As a result, no traces should remain. You should know that lacquer is one of the most expensive items in the process of making doors. Quite often manufacturers save on this element.
  • It is important to pay attention to the condition of the foundation of the structure. The base should be smooth, not have any jags or flaws. Check the design can be by touch.
  • In the design selection process, you shouldattention to painting and color. The color must be uniform, deep and clean. There should be no stains on the door. Despite this, the structure of the rock should show itself on the door.
  • At the door there should be no overlaps and gaps in the places of fixing the baguette and frames. All seats must be adjusted exactly.
  • Do not forget about the geometry of the product. The design should be perfectly even, the maximum divergence is 1 mm.
  • In the box must be a seal.
  • It is necessary to take into account the fact that high-quality doors are equipped with extremely expensive glass, which are fixed with silicone sealants and seals.
  • Finishing of linen, casing and box should be the same color and quality.
  • Speaking about which door to choose, it should be understood that in a greater degree everything depends on the financial possibilities of the owner of the apartment or private house.