What you should not save: 10 most important things -


How to decide which things in the apartmentdeserve special attention? Today we have prepared 10 points for you, which you can not pass by by arranging an apartment. Each person has his own set of basic subjects, without which it is difficult to do without. But there are also universal things that make any home cozier. In this article we will tell you what is really worth buying.

1. Bed linen

An important part of life we ​​spend in a dream. A strong and calm sleep is impossible without a quality bed, a suitable mattress and the perfect bed linen! Heating coarse calico, strong bamboo, wear-resistant satin, air cotton, cool silk - all this variety of fabrics will help you get enough sleep and get up in the morning in a good mood. Quality sheets do not have to be expensive. Today it is easy to find bed linen, which will suit the interior of the bedroom and will last for many years.

2. Curtains

Don't forget about the curtains.They are needed not only for "protection from neighbors", but also as an addition to the interior. Monochromatic Roman blinds are suitable for the style of minimalism, curtains with a tie-back for a classic interior, curtains with frills and floral patterns for a cozy Provence style environment. Our opinion: - If you are the owner of a small apartment or just want to visually expand the space - choose laconic curtains of the same tone with the general color of the walls.

3. Armchair

Those who work at home, well aware that the workingThe place should be comfortable: moderately soft, with a backrest and armrests. But even if you sit at a computer or laptop for only half an hour in the evening or in the morning before work, choose a chair in which you will comfortably spend these half an hour. No wooden stools or stiff inconvenient benches!

4. Details

Your room is designed for comfort and convenience. Fill it with those things, without which you do not feel comfortable. If you prefer a romantic atmosphere in the house, arrange scented candles or lamps with muted light. If you like to listen to good old jazz every evening - put a turntable with your favorite records in the room. The main thing is that the mood of the room is in harmony with yours!

5. Kitchen

Take a closer look at the furniture on.The dining table isn't just for breakfast on the run in the morning. He brings family and friends together, so when choosing chairs or a sofa for the kitchen, make sure that the furniture is comfortable and suitable for long gatherings over a cup of tea.

6. Serving the table

If you love to cook and spoil at least sometimesyourself or guests with a slice of lingonberry pie or a portion of tiramisu, do not forget about such an important part of the dinner as serving. Weightless porcelain cups, painted plates and trays, or an exquisite glass-topped cake stand will turn tea drinking into a small celebration. Our opinion: - Don't forget about kitchen textiles, even if you don't like tablecloths or don't use them every day. Small napkins for cutlery or table runners, matched to the tableware or a vase of flowers, add style and personality to the table setting.

7. Order in the hallway

The hallway or corridor is the first thing you seegetting into the apartment. But it is often not a meeting place for guests, but a haphazard heap of jackets, shoes, hats and the like. Open shelves create the illusion of clutter, so it is better to put a small chest of drawers at the entrance, where you can hide everything unnecessary.

8. The Mirror

If you can save money on the mirror in terms of money(do not frame expensive frames), then you do not need to regret places for mirrors! Hang in the house at least one mirror in which you see yourself in full growth. It is desirable that it is located in the hallway, allowing you to assess your appearance before you leave the house.

9. Spa in the bathroom

Start the day not in your usual, but in your owna spa where every detail is designed to energize you in the morning and help you unwind after a busy day. Place your favorite products on the shelves, choose accessories in the same style, hang new soft towels. These simple tricks will help create the right atmosphere.

10. Bathrobe

In a warm, soft robe, it's nice to wrap up aftersoul or put it on in the morning, to make coffee before work. Such insignificant at first glance details, like a cozy robe or favorite slippers, are very important, because we use them every day. Remember that the atmosphere in the house is created not only by the details of the interior!