Organization of space

Where to find and how to use the hidden house features: 7 options and expert advice


Your home can give you much more than youThink. To learn how to begin to expand existing housing opportunities - in our today's material you realize that the current interior no longer meets your needs? Do you lack something, hinder or simply become uncomfortable? Then it's time to learn how to expand the functionality of even the smallest apartments. How? The main thing is not to rush to extremes and go ahead slowly, step by step. So, let's begin.

1. Make a list

Rather, 2 lists.In the first, write down the purpose of all available functional areas and interior items and how often you use them. You will be surprised by the real state of affairs: a huge dining table is set only for the holidays, and then through force; the mezzanines are littered with things and have not been sorted out for more than a year, and no one has sat down in a chair that was once a favorite. Here's a few squares of free space for a laundry room, a home office, or, if you're lucky, another bedroom. Make a second list. It will contain the extremely important, necessary and passionately desired. Combine both lists and figure out what you can donate and what you can't do without. Now let's look at a few tricks with which you can remake, reorient and re-equip everything unnecessary and rarely used into essential and functional.

2. Combine the toilets

Maybe it's time to do it already? Just imagine: your bathroom will be 1,5-2 times more, and you can finally put a corner bath with hydromassage.

3. Equip the laundry

It can accommodate not only a washinga machine, but also an ironing board, a laundry basket and much more. The laundry itself can be placed in the corner between the bathroom and the bedroom, or in the place where there used to be cabinets that you inherited from the developer. You've already got rid of them, right? Of course, not all dreams are so easy to realize, because the transfer of plumbing equipment and "wet zones" in our country is strictly regulated. However, almost any architectural bureau will be able to give you competent advice on what can be done in a particular case, and will help you find a solution. Mito Melitonyan, architect:“It is generally accepted that hidden opportunities are the maximum use of space to fill it with various functions. This is partly true, but one should not forget that interior items also have such potential. A fairly common occurrence in kitchen interiors is a folding table attached to the wall. It saves a lot of space in a small room. This solution is most often found in apartments where young people live. For family people and the elderly, it is unlikely to be comfortable. Furniture in general has a lot of hidden features: a sofa bed, various kinds of transformers, French folding beds ... "

4. Make a study

Suppose there is no place for him at all: In the bedroom there is only a bed and a wardrobe, and in the living room there is only a tiny corner that you do not want to overload with a table and a computer chair. It's not a problem. To help you will come furniture transformer: the bed can fall directly out of the wall, and the desk - from a pretty carved office. Instead of a massive leather chair on wheels, find a plastic transparent ghost chair.

5. A hobby corner

Disassemble the wardrobe. Are you sure that you carry everything that is stored there? If there is a thing you have not worn for more than a year, feel free to get rid of it. Shoes can be stored not in boxes, but in woven consoles, and re-equip the vacant seat in the corner for sewing / scrapbooking / photo-retouching / drawing.

6. Remake the dining area

Dining table for 12 people - it's fine, butIt is very large. If noisy feasts do happen, find a folding table, of which there are a great many on the market and free up a few square meters. But if the idea of ​​a dinner table has completely lost relevance for you, safely change it to a bar counter.

7. Balcony

You certainly have a dream about the idealBalcony? How do you see it? A playground for children, a yoga room, a winter garden, a study room or a lounge area with a bunch of pillows? Stop dreaming and start acting! Mito Melitonyan, architect:“Another interesting solution is the ceiling bed, which descends along the rails to the floor level. In private houses where there is a staircase, the space under it in most cases is equipped with a storage room and is filled with all kinds of necessary, and sometimes unnecessary things. If there are small children in the house and there is no attic, make a secluded corner for them there: children are very fond of such nooks. An interesting enough technique is the use of mirrored surfaces throughout the wall, which visually expand the space by 2 times. Combining premises (for example, living room and dining room, room and loggia) can also be attributed to hidden opportunities. Loggias, by the way, are a great place to set up an office. Glazing of balconies, which is quite widely used, I think is the wrong solution. Firstly, much less light enters the apartment this way, and secondly, it most often becomes a collection of all kinds of rubbish. I do not recommend doing mezzanines in the corridors, because in practice this is the same as a glazed balcony - another grave for things. High ceilings, at least 3.2-3.4 m, will allow you to arrange a sleeping place on the second tier (for example, in the entrance area, above the door). In general, hidden possibilities are very individual solutions. In each specific case, they may be different, and some are completely inapplicable in some situations. Most of them are fairly well known and, in fact, are no longer something innovative. However, the ability to correctly distribute space and make the most of every centimeter of usable area will make the apartment an object to follow. No matter how strange it may seem, but one of the most important hidden opportunities of apartments, I consider the opportunity not to use these very opportunities: it is better to simply remove unnecessary items from the house, thereby freeing up space for life. ",,,,,,,,,,,, guatacrazynight. com,