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Where and how to place the TV in the house: guide and tips for pros -


Everything in the house should have its place. And even if you do not consider yourself to be a perfectionist or a convinced conservative, the question of the location of the TV set may be quite acute. So, today we will tell you how to properly and beautifully hang a TV in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. When preparing the guide called "TV, Know Your Place!" We used the following criteria:

  • small apartment - area from 40 to 65 m2;
  • The diagonal of the TV is 22 to 28 inches.

To begin with, there are several common rules for each room according to the location of the "magic box":

  • it is desirable that the TV was at a height of about a meter from the floor - so that it is not obstructed by furniture and the screen was at eye level;
  • distance to the TV should not be less than 1.5 meters;
  • screen is best not to place in front of the window - greatThe risk that because of the glare on a sunny day you can not see anything. However, if the situation does not allow you to arrange the TV differently, you can help the curtains with the effect of black-out (impermeable to light). And if you are going to often use opaque curtains, it will be more rational to purchase an electric cornice with a control panel - so the curtains will not lose the gloss from constant touches, and you do not have to get up from the sofa.
  • Living room The living room is usually the main area forwatching TV, so you need to place it here as conveniently as possible. Remember that the height of the screen primarily depends on the height of the furniture in the room. In order to better understand at what distance from the floor to hang the TV, do the following:

    • sit on the place where you are supposed to look at the screen;
    • relax, close your eyes and think about the beautiful (about the depreciation of the dollar for example);
    • open your eyes and look at the wall where you plan to put the TV panel;
    • the point on the wall where your eyes will land is the middle of the screen.

    Furniture in the living room is best placed in a semicircle ofTV to watch it was comfortable for everyone. But if for some reason (be it a furniture arrangement or interior features) the television amphitheater can not be organized, you can use special TV-fasteners that will allow your TV to "look" in different directions. Our opinion:

    • if you hang a TV with a large diagonal on the wall, call for help from a friend - flat giants reach a weight of 25 kg;
    • if you have gold hands and you are good at handling a drill, you can safely save on installing a TV set, since this event should not cause difficulties;
    • fixing your TV on the wall, make sure that all the wires and cables are the right length for you;
    • Do not install the TV in a poorly ventilated room - it may suffocate.

    Sleeping room To determine the placeTV in the bedroom, do the same “meditation exercise” above. Just do this not while sitting, but lying down, as in the bedroom it is usually preferred to watch TV programs in a horizontal position. TV in the bedroom can also be hung on brackets, which are sold in almost any specialized electronics store. Our opinion:

    • we must warn you that watching television in a lying position is a dangerous business: cervical vertebrae are stretched, vision falls, and there is a risk of gaining weight;
    • if you are an incorrigible moviegoer, we recommend buying special (usually hard) pillows for the neck.

    Kitchen Waking up in the morning, go to the kitchen and,Once you've brewed yourself a strong coffee, glance at the wall for your TV. Mark the place where your gaze finds shelter in the first seconds of morning epiphany - with a small piece, for example. This is roughly the middle of the screen. In the kitchen, as in any other room, the position of the TV is a conditional concept. Therefore, the best way to determine the location of the television panel is your own vision. To give you the most complete guidelines for placing your TV in your home, has gathered expert opinions. Konstantin Petrov, Hertz & Lumen:

    • buy TVs of the same manufacturer (then the loss of the remote will not be a tragedy for you);
    • in the living room, place the TV panel no higher than 1.5 meters from the floor, and in the bedroom - not less than 1.5 meters;
    • behind the TV, make at least four sockets: two - power 220 V and one dual - for the Internet and TV;
    • it is convenient when the TV and DVD-player, for example, one manufacturer, because they work from one remote;
    • in the kitchen, the TV is usually located opposite the place where you eat food, at a height of 1 to 1.5 meters, so it was easy to watch while sitting;
    • in the kitchen usually buy TVs of white or silver colors, but this is already a matter of design and taste.

    Kerim Tatevyan, Head of MMS-Cinema:

    • The first and most important recommendation is not to hang the TV in front of the window, since the glare of the light will be a hindrance to viewing;
    • the second is not to hang the TV too high, because it is inconvenient for a person to lift his head higher than 25 °;
    • to the question of the distance from which to look: due to the fact that the resolution of TV sets is growing day by day, you can watch it from a fairly close distance. So the more the TV, the better.

    The question of the decor of the television panel deserves a separate article (which we plan to write in the foreseeable future), and for now wishes you a pleasant viewing!