Where to hide things so that the interior does not turn into chaos: 10 ideas


What to do with the cat toilet, router, TV andElectronics? To hide, of course! And here's where, as well as, actually, why - read in our new material Beautiful interior often looks best on the day of delivery or completion of repairs. However, we should start to live on a prettier area, as here and there are disfiguring details like wires, routers, cat lavatories, etc. Our current material will teach you if you do not hide unpleasant, but necessary details, then at least ennoble them.

1. Space under the bathroom

How do we like to store there all sorts of stuff andWe constantly promise ourselves that as soon as we make repairs, we will find all this good new cozy "house"! And now the repair is done, the bath is installed, but something is still not the case. The white bowl in the environment is painfully naked and inappropriate ... what kind of tiles do you have in the bathroom? What to do? Buy a couple of meters of tiles. Or artificial stone - a matter of taste. Finish the facade of the bath with a suitable coating and enjoy the result.

2. The Cat's House

Strangely enough, the master's toilet is not the bestPlace for the cat's "latrine". Closely. Very much in our bathrooms it is close for "settlers". But to put the tray in the bedroom, the living room or, heaven forbid you, in the kitchen - the idea is not better. So, we must hide. A nightstand, a console or a small falshkomod perfectly fit.

3. Bookshelves

If the collection of books you have so far is small or notPlaces for a full-fledged bookcase, we strongly recommend that you acquire such invisible regiments here. With their help, you can effectively decorate any room and not worry about the design of the shelves themselves. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Such shelves can be used not only for storing books. On piles with the least readable books, you can safely plant indoor plants, art objects or copies of personal collections.

4. Painting and decorating

To expose bijouterie for show is logical only inSpecially equipped for this place - ladies' corner. In the absence of such a woman's happiness, we are forced to hide ornaments in chests, boxes, caskets, etc. However, there is a much more elegant way. In the carpentry workshop, you can order a small hinged box with painting, collage or photo on the door.

5. Stairs

Why disappear to such good? How many storage spaces can be equipped in a simple staircase! You can make open shelves, you can drawers. One thing needs to be said for sure: you more than once thank your bright head for this extremely practical idea.

6. TV

TV - not the best subject of the interior, if,Of course, you are not a fan of Suprematism in the form of imitation of Malevich's "Black Square". Decorating the TV is difficult, it is logical to fit into the interior - even more difficult. The best way out can be all the same painting or any art work suitable for the size. A retractable mechanism would be an ideal solution, but for lack of the ability to mount a complex mechanism, a box with a folding frame can be built. Opinion of the editorial board: - Especially successful this version of the hidden TV is suitable for children's or game. The door can be locked and opened only by the will of the parents.

7. Refrigerator

This subject of primary necessity, we are not alwaysWe can change during the repair process, but it's quite possible to decorate it. With the help of self-adhesive film, the refrigerator can be combined with the background, made part of the overall composition or, conversely, turned into the main accent.

8. The box for electronics

Wires, chargers and wires again. An unpleasant detail everyday life, which is not so easy to hide, but you can just put it in the box. Together with the extension and equipment. I'll have to tinker with an electrician, but the goal is worth it.

9. Router

Without Wi-Fi, many of us no longer realizeLife, but despite this, the router manufacturers do not think much about their design. Routers have to be hidden, but not too far away, so as not to damage the signal. Now in the shops you can find special containers in a modern minimalist style. But you can do with "less blood" by making a couple of holes for wires in cardboard or wooden boxes.

10. Wires

The most unpleasant and "unmanageable"Need of the XXI century. How to cope with the problem? We suggest that you choose the electronics with the longest wires and stock up with the construction braces. Applying a little imagination and spending a couple of hours, from boring wires you can create a good accent decor.,,,,,,,,,,,,, blog.lulusvintage. com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etsy. com,,,,,,,,,, gizmodo. com,,,, m,,,,,,,