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Where to put a washing machine: unusual ideas and advice from readers


A washing machine is an integral part of anyApartments. But it's good when the apartment is big! And what to do when there is simply no place for a washing machine? Read in our article the advice of real people and find a solution for yourself It is difficult to imagine a modern life without a washing machine. However, not always in the apartment there is additional space for this rather large unit. Here you have to include imagination and look for unusual solutions. But first you need to decide on the place.

Bathroom: along the wall

Most people prefer to installWashing machine in the bathroom. It is very convenient from the point of view of connection of communications, and things intended for washing, many like to put immediately into the drum of the car, avoiding baskets. If the area of ​​the bathroom allows, then the washing machine can perfectly fit next to the bathroom or, say, a washbasin.

Bathroom: under the washbasin

Great solution for small bathroomsis the option to install the washing machine under the washbasin. This installation saves space very well, but raises the sink itself a little. Therefore, it is better for short people to look for another option. By the way, now there are already on sale cabinets for a sink with a place for a washing machine. Although most people prefer to put the washing machine separately or make a single cabinet under the sink and a washing machine to order. I have a washing machine under the sink in the bathroom, though, I had to raise the sink ... First I had to get used to the new height of the sink, and now it's even become comfortable.

Vladimir Vasilyev, from the forum

Tip: To the high owners of small bathrooms the installation of a washing machine under the sink is perfect. Today you can find both ready-made sets, and special shells, ready for installation.

Bathroom: on the wall

It would seem, who will think of hangingWashing machine on the wall? But he will come! Yes, and hang! And they will be absolutely right. After all, this is another way to place a washing machine in a small room, while saving space. Especially now you can find more and special washing machines for installation on the wall. Also, the washing machine can be placed in a special niche or on a shelf. And I put the washing machine in the toilet, aboveToilet bowl. Very comfortably. It is worth it for 6 years already in a specially made cabinet on steel legs, which are sold in any construction shop. No vibration, first was Indesit, and now Bosch, of course, it is uncomfortable and difficult to shoot, but then a class.

Alexander Mikhailov, from the forum

Entrance hall and wardrobe

Installing a washing machine in the hallway is possibleOnly in case of secure communication. Well and in the rest - business of imagination. If space allows, then you can install the machine just near the wall. If you want to use the hallway as efficiently as possible, many recommend that you hide the washing machine in one of the built-in closets. Firstly, your guests will not see it, and secondly, a place above the washing machine will be used to store things.

Tip: Do not forget that the washing machine in the cabinet requires additional ventilation both during operation and during downtime.


The washing machine in the kitchen is already a classic.This is the ability to connect to communications, and the ability to hide it in built-in furniture. Plus, the kitchen isn't nearly as humid as the bathroom, which in itself is better for electronics. But where to install it is already everyone's choice. The washing machine fits perfectly both under the sink and next to it, under the countertop. Installing a washing machine under the dishwasher or even under the oven is also an excellent option. In general, there are a lot of options. The main thing is to choose the one that is right for you. At us in Bulgaria on the kitchen the machine is built, from above it is covered with a door, all OK, any inconveniences. The main thing here is to choose the correct size of the machine so that it fits)))

Maria, from the forum By the way, there is also the option of installing a washingcars on the balcony or on the loggia. But here it is important either to live in warm latitudes, or to insulate the balcony as efficiently as possible. And there can be problems with communications. Therefore, the best option is still the bathroom and the kitchen.;;;;;