Where to store wine: 9 interesting ideas and 35 examples


Soon, on the shelves, new wine will appear. Have not figured out where to place it in your interior? Then our ideas about the ways of storing it will help you to understand this. Wine has always been considered a noble drink. It has accompanied mankind for a long time, and even priests allow the use of wine. In different epochs people came up with many ways to store this drink. We'll see how best to equip the wine store in the modern home.

1. The Island

If your kitchen has an island, then it canBecome an excellent place to store bottles of wine. Such an arrangement is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also preferably very fast access to the beverage.

2. Niches

Establishing the creation of niches during the repair,you can place your wine stocks there. No matter what form they are, round or square, with a skillful and creative approach, you can easily store your wine unharmed.

3. In the kitchen

Economical and fairly common solution, butfrom that no less attractive. If it is not so important for you to show off before your favorite collection and you are just looking for a place to store wine, then this option is just for you.

4. Cells

Let not very convenient, but elegant solution canbecome the placement of wine in the space above the hanging cabinets under the ceiling. This will not only save space, but will also give the decor a highlight if the store is made in the form of honeycombs.

5. Above the fridge

Why not use the maximumavailable space ?! Very often the space between the refrigerator and the ceiling is empty, and you can take and organize the storage of wine there. Let it be not quite convenient, but you will not touch the useful kitchen area.

6. Wine racks

The original solution may be an alterationusual shelves for wine. Place the internal overlaps obliquely or in the form of triangles - and get an excellent and inexpensive way to accommodate the wine.

7. Suspended posts

New design solutions offer to move away fromclassical ideas of storing bottles of wine and add a little imagination in this matter. So, the fastening can be metal bars, mounted in the wall, forged products made with both classical and futuristic accents and other delights of fashionable minds.

8. Place under the stairs

For the lucky ones of houses with stairs one of theVariants of placement of wine storage can become a place just under the stairs. And this rack can be used as a full-fledged partition when descending to the ground floor.

9. Table Wine Racks

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting and affordableoptions, as for its implementation you only need to buy or build a wine rack. For today in shops the wide choice of creative design adaptations which can not only decorate kitchen, but also really surprise your guests is presented., Michael J Lee, Peter Rymwid, Aimée Herring, Bradd Celidonia, Jeri Koegel