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Window Management - Opportunities for a Smart Home

Windows can not only protect from cold and heat, wind and noise. Modern technology has reached them, turning it into a novelty, which you want to have decidedly all

It seems to us that we know everything about windows, but it's notSo. Modern solutions provide a wide scope for creative opportunities. For example, windows can be included in the popular "Smart House" system today. Let's consider in more detail such a promising technical refinement.

The concept of "Smart House" includes the whole systemhome devices that can work autonomously. Automate the management of light, air conditioning, music and home appliances, but the windows do not stay away. Such a seemingly simple design today is something really revolutionary in technological terms.

You can read about the design approach, decor and colors here -.

Windows, as is known, are needed for fillingroom space with daylight, as well as for protection from cold and wind, from heat and noise. To a person was comfortable, and also in order to follow the principles of full automation, innovative technical solutions are needed. For example, windows that can monitor the temperature themselves and open in strictly defined situations. And there are also such options, when the computer preset can at once make glass frosted! All this in more detail later. Electric drive

Electric blinds or roller shutters are modern andstylish solution for home. Due to the presence of the drive, they can be controlled either manually or with the help of intelligent technologies, such as a programmable timer, remote control or a full automation system. A person may or may not be needed if everyone manages the computer, thereby creating a comfortable and peaceful environment. "Smart home" can signal about open windows and even shut them off on their own. Change transparency

Earlier, to hide the interior from prying eyesrooms or just dim the lights, used curtains or blinds. Now neither one nor the other is required. With the help of the technology presented in the Kaleva brand line, you can change the transparency coefficient of the glass to zero in one second. The underlying electro-monochromatic film is polarized when voltage is applied to it, and the window becomes completely opaque. And with the help of smart home technologies, you can program any scenario you want - depending on time, temperature or illumination. Temperature control

By the way, about the ambient temperature.Every time we leave the house, a lottery awaits us - we will freeze or not, we will not get wet, or yes. Therefore, you have to take out a smartphone or look with a glance where there is a thermometer in the dark outside the window. A much more convenient option is built directly into the glass, which can be seen from the far corner of the room and just one quick glance is enough to assess the state of the environment outside. METEO GLASS METEO GLASS Editorial Opinion:

- With this option, we will always look out the window,leaving on business. With the temperature now no problems, but if you dream, you can add a lot of options. It would be convenient to immediately get information about the presence of gasoline in the car, traffic jams, exchange rates and the availability of public transport nearby. That in the morning at a glance at the window to receive all the information that will come in handy throughout the day.