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Plot in winter: 19 ideas of New Year's decor

The New Year is racing towards us, and so that it does not get lost, it's worth telling you about your whereabouts vividly and with imagination. Today we decorate the yard!

Possibility to celebrate the New Year in your owncountry house - in itself a joyful action. However, sensations can be brought to full and all-consuming happiness. One of the recipes is to take the holiday out into the yard. Our 19 ideas will help you navigate, how best to do it.

Rummage in the attic, perhaps there are waiting for you empty pots for flowers. Fill them with branches (not necessarily conifers), cones and Christmas toys. The decoration of the veranda is ready!

A laborious, but very simple and effective idea, which is best implemented before the meeting of guests. Related articles

Charming, of course, but only if you can find such a snowman in the store.

Do you prefer to refrain from causing unnecessary harm to nature? You will construct a Christmas tree from old boards and LED garland. This option is for very creative people, with plenty of free time and perfect taste.

Does your Christmas tree always drop too big balls? Lay out their windowsill.

Suspended candlesticks, which you covered the verandah in the summer, it is quite possible to use in the winter, just a little bit improved their design.

Boxes with bows are in second place in popularity after Christmas tree branches and toys. Do not neglect this information. Symmetry always works!

It's very cold to sit on metal benches, and to take out pillows on the street is still a pity, and laziness. But we will never tire of creating beauty. And you?

A great way to decorate street lighting before the arrival of guests. Again, you can attract children.

Do you have a collection of bottles of dark glass? Now you know what to do with it.

The fence also needs decoration. Let everyone know that for you the holiday has already come.

Such lamps on batteries are quite inexpensive, but they look just fine both in the interior and in the exterior.

Winding sleeping trees with wires is very tedious and difficult, but what a result! Related articles

These are city decorations, but how good is the idea!

Create this kind of beauty will help you florist foam.

Steel frame of old chandelier, garland onbatteries and an unbearable need for twisting wires can pour into a real masterpiece. At least your child will probably consider this lamp to be a masterpiece. Another cool idea for the holiday. But that no one gets confused in the wires, place it better away from the action itself.