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With a taste of country: a house made of lumber in Perm

Today we will make a trip to one of the mostBeautiful cities of Russia - Perm. Here is a house made of lumber, in which there is a family of 4 people. The interior of the house is unusual: here the walls of the timber are combined with modern furniture. The house that we chose today can be characterized by just a couple of words: a dream house. This is one hundred percent sure of its owners - a young modern couple with 2 children: a boy and a girl. They bought a ready-made house from glued beams from the Finnish company Honka. His location and layout completely coincided with the wishes of the family. The only thing they lacked was a good design as the finishing touch in the realization of their dreams. For help, they applied to the design bureau Marina Pennie desigh & art, to the designers Marina Pennie and Roman Voronov. We invite you to plunge into the country atmosphere created by them. Marina Pennier Roman Voronov

This creative duet (design bureau Marina PennieDesigh & art) exists since 2005. Marina Pennie and Roman Voronov realized projects in different cities of Russia and Europe. Designers attach great importance to the layout and color solution of the interior. At the same time, they try to make the space cozy and familiar for its owners.

Dreams of customers

Customers have purchased a ready-made house, erectedOn the project of the Finnish company Honka. They were arranged and the layout of the house, and the maximum presence of wood in its interior decoration, and that it is in a pine grove. Marina Pennie: "We were very keen on all the wishes of our customers. The owner of the house is a great connoisseur of good music. One of his requirements is the arrangement of a musical corner. We allocated a special room for him on the first floor. The landlady cooks well, so the kitchen was carefully designed and equipped with all the necessary attributes. "

Features of the layout

On the ground floor are concentrated places of generalUse and recreation: living room with fireplace, TV-set, kitchen, dining room, rest room with library and music equipment, as well as technical rooms. On the second floor there is a private zone with bedrooms, which are united by a common hall. In addition, there is a spacious bathroom, which presents interesting new products from such brands as Ideal Standard (Belgium) and Colombo (Italy).

Country style

Wooden houses have a special atmosphere thatHas a beneficial effect on human health, so the interior retains wooden walls (cant timber). For the basis of the design of space elements of country style are taken. The necessary visual background is created by the walls and ceiling of the pine color in combination with a dark brown floor. Bright accents in the interior are a fireplace made on an individual sketch, and the kitchen Ginestra from the Italian factory Snaidero, which is famous for its design developments.

Color solution

The emphasis is on natural shades: Beige, brown, ivory. Contrasts with them a gentle-green and bronze palette. This does not create tension, and at the same time bright accents do not give you boredom.

Made to order

The fireplace on the first floor was made by authorSketches. All textile elements (curtains, bedspreads, decor) were ordered in the company "Renome" (Perm). Another Russian manufacturer, Decorinotex, helped with the carpet, which was also made to order.

Furniture and interior items

Materials for furniture chosen based on ideasCountry style. In the room there is a tree (array), forged metal and a dense natural fabric in the upholstery of the sofa, armchairs and chairs. Preference was given mainly to Italian brands. So, cabinets, cupboards, dining room and chest of drawers came from the Tonin factory. The working table was chosen from the assortment of the Italian brand Porada. Only the Amoebe armchair by Vitra, which became the decoration of the son's bedroom, came from Switzerland. Roman Voronov: "The interior is given special attention to the comfort of tourists. A comfortable sofa from the IDP factory in the living room invites you to relax by the fireplace. In the dining room there is a large dining table for 8 people. In the bedrooms - comfortable beds from the Italian brands Cantori, Bontempi Casa, Varaschin and everything necessary for placing things. "


Glass, fabric and forged metal - basicMaterials that have been chosen for decorating fixtures from Italian brands LAMP International, Cantori, Baga. The living room is decorated with a lamp from the Austrian company Kolarz.

Decor and Accessories

A special comfort is given by carpets from the companies Sarpet House and"Decorinteks." Puff Kenzo in the living room gives the interior a touch of ease. Additional elements of the decor were watches from the Italian brand Diamantini & Domeniconi. We see them both on the walls and on the tables.

Readers advice Roomble from Marina Pennie and Roman Voronov

  • In a wooden house you should not get carried away by excessive architectural elements and stucco molding. Small contrasts and the right decor - that's what the tree will accentuate.
  • In the layout of the kitchen, it is desirable to hide the technical stuffing as much as possible. The kitchen model in the Provencal style fits perfectly into the interior.
  • Use furniture made of natural materials, simple but exquisite shapes, as well as forged items - they will help create coziness.
  • The fireplace in this house must be massive enough, with a stone finish.
  • On the walls of the bathrooms you can combine the finishes: tile and wood perfectly combined.
  • Textiles are of great importance in such an interior, beautiful flax, cotton and wool will add softness and create the right atmosphere. Add to this a couple of bright accents, for example, pillows.
  • Figures of animals, several photos in interesting frames - this decor will be enough to give the interior a note of personality.
  • Photo courtesy of Marina Pennie desigh & art design studio